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SPRING, 2014
SAVE THE DATE! Be sure to mark your calendars for this year's annual UAAA fundraiser, the GOLDEN BEAR ROCK FEST, on Saturday, April 25 from 7:00 - 11:00 pm at the St Agatha Event Center. This year's Rock Fest stars The Ravens (Jeff Shaw '64 John Workman '64, Jeff Hersey, Joe Armstrong, and Doug Yoder), Temple Monkey (Charlie Bleak '68, Jim Lynch, Bill Lutz '71, Craig Pataky '71, and Bill Wyatt '69), and Matt Johnson '92.

Despite snow, more snow, snow days, ice, winds and freezing temperatures, class reunion committees have been hard at work over the winter months working on what promise to be some of our best reunions yet! If your graduation year ends in a 4 or 9, your class will be gathering this summer to recognize another reunion celebration!

Turn your thoughts from the dreary weather to the warm sunny days of July, and start thinking about coming home for the 4th! Be sure to check's Reunion page to see what your class has planned!

While you are visiting, please check YOUR class email page to make sure that we have the right email address for you. PLEASE NOTE: These lists of names and email addresses represent alums who have asked to publicly share their email addresses. IT IS NOT A COMPLETE CLASS LIST.

Would you like to be listed? If so, please complete this form. We will add you to your class email page.

THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE CLASS REUNION VOLUNTEERS who work so hard on the reunions! You are wonderful Golden Bears!

1949 Barbara Sours Leighner
Cheryl Cammarn Barker
65-Year Reunion! Barbara Sours Leighner and Cheryl Cammarn Barker are chairing the reunion this year, which includes a party at Scioto Country Club and other gatherings at classmates' homes throughout the weekend. See details here.
1954 Tom Turner 60-Year Reunion! Tom Turner is coordinating the events! Get ready to celebrate at Moretti's of Arlington one night, and then at Scioto Country Club! Special classmate presentations will be sure to please! See details here.
1959 Bob Prior 55-Year Reunion! Bob Prior has been planning a lineup of fun events for the class, including golf, a Ladies' Luncheon, a Sunday picnic, and dinner at Scioto Country Club. See details here.
1964 Tom Walker
Jeff Shaw
Joanne Beebe
50-Year Reunion! Tom Walker, Jeff Shaw, and Joanne Beebe have organized a Fabulous 50th Reunion Weekend, with events including golf, a Ladies' Luncheon, a Casual Classmates' Gathering, a float in the parade, a reunion dinner at the Faculty Club with music by The Ravens, and a Sunday brunch. See details here.
1969 Julie May Jones
Patrick Dynes
Ellen Isaly Clark
45-Year Reunion! For the 45-year reunion, Julie May Jones, Patrick Dynes, Ellen Isaly Clark, and the Reunion Committee have planned a grand lineup of events that include: a pre-reunion warmup gathering; a casual Bogey Inn party; a picnic/music jam/float-building party; golf; a reunion dinner party, a memorial ceremony, and a tour of the high school. See details here.
1974 Jan Wallace
Linda Rector Gleaves
40-Year Reunion! Jan Wallace and Linda Rector Gleaves are coordinating this reunion, which includes a float in the parade and reunion party at the OSU Longaberger Alumni House. See details here.
1979 Mary DeCesaro Cameron 35-Year Reunion! Mary DeCesaro Cameron is coordinating the class reunion events, including a casual get-together at Yabo's Tacos, a float in the parade, and a reunion party at The Barn, with music by Agent 99! See details here.
1984 Bob Dunn
Cathy Ort
30-Year Reunion! Bob Dunn and Cathy Ort are chairing the reunion committee and have planned a party at the new Woodlands Backyard, a float in the parade, an a reunion party at the Varsity Club! See details here.
1989 Lynne Becher Bir
Jenny Satterwhite Lundy
25-Year Reunion! Lynne Becher Bir and Jenny Satterwhite Lundy are chairing this reunion, and information will be posted on the web site shortly. See details here.
1994 Ted Foster 20-Year Reunion! Ted Foster is planning the reunion for the class. Activities include a float in the parade and a party at Harrison's on Kenny. See details here.
1999 Catherine Stewart Kennedy 15-Year Reunion! Catherine Stewart Kennedy has been making plans for the class reunion, which include a party at Third and Hollywood and a float in the parade. See details here.
2004 TBD 10-Year Reunion! Information coming soon. Please check the 2004 Reunion page of frequently for updates.
2009 TBD 5-Year Reunion! Information coming soon. Please check the 2009 Reunion page of frequently for updates.

This year the 4th of July will fall on a Friday, so our friends at the UA Civic Association confirm that all UACA festivities, including the parade, Party in the Park, and the fireworks will be held on Friday.

Please note that the UAAA Outstanding and Distinguished Alumnus Awards will be presented at the Party in the Park at Northam Park prior to the fireworks on Friday, July 4.


This year's UACA Parade Theme is "YOU ARE A Grand Old Flag."

Classes who are entering floats in the parade will want to think of a way to design their floats around this theme. All floats require an Parade Entry Form.

Read the parade rules.
Print your Parade/Float Entry Form here.
Read about all the UACA 4th of July events here.


This year the Upper Arlington Civic Association is honoring retired Hastings history teacher Bill Richards as the 2014 Grand Marshall of Upper Arlington's 4th of July parade.

Bill is Director Emeritus of Honor Flight Columbus, an organization whose mission is to HONOR our nation's senior veterans with a trip to Washington, DC to visit their war memorials at no cost to them; to SHARE their stories for the benefit of future generations; and to CELEBRATE their homecoming, affirming their allegiance and service to our country.

Bill comments, "I think the 4th is a wonderful time each year to re-fall in love with this banner that represents so much about who we are, and remembers our past and those who sacrificed so that we can celebrate our freedoms."

Read more about Bill Richards here.


UAAA wishes to inform the community that the UAAA's annual Block Party will be on hiatus this year.

UAAA Board Members are reviewing the event and looking at ways to enhance it so that we may bring our alums the best party possible.

Your feedback is appreciated, so please email us and let us know what you like, what you would like to see changed, added, or enhanced, and we will consider all input as we work on a revamped format.

See you at the Block Party on July 4, 2015!


OUTSTANDING ALUMNUS: An Outstanding Alumnus is an alum who has generously dedicated his or her time to the service of the Upper Arlington Alumni Association and its mission and the Upper Arlington Community


Marjorie Garvin Sayers was born in Columbus in 1921 and moved to Upper Arlington in the second grade where her family resided on Lower Chelsea Road. Marjorie and Peter met in the second grade at the Waltham Road School (later named Barrington Elementary School). Peter lived on Stanford Road close to Miller Park. His uncles were Ben and King Thompson, and his father, Delbert Sayers, was the Civil Engineer for the City of Upper Arlington.

Marjorie and Peter graduated from Upper Arlington High School in 1939 and then matriculated to the Ohio State University. Peter played football and studied Pre-Med and Marjorie was very involved in student activities and majored in English, graduating Phi Beta Kappa. They married in 1943.

Peter entered The Ohio State University College of Medicine during wartime and Marjorie worked as a medical secretary to help finance his medical education. Following Peter's training, they returned to Upper Arlington to start a family and to eventually build their home in Canterbury Village (where their granddaughter and husband now reside). They had four children, sons Dr. Daniel Garvin Sayers (Linda), Stephen Putnam Sayers (Carina), Julia Sayers Bolton(Charles) and Elaine Sayers Buck (David), 11 grandchildren, and now have 8 great-grandchildren.

Dr. Martin Peter Sayers became Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Columbus Children's Hospital and served on the faculty at The Ohio State University College of Medicine. Marjorie and Peter also traveled with their family throughout the world while Peter was serving as resident neurosurgeon on the floating Hospital Ship Hope.

Marjorie was Chairman of the History Committee of the City of Upper Arlington 1976 Bicentennial Committee. In this capacity she became the editor and chief contributing writer of the first and second editions of the History of Upper Arlington. Marjorie was one of the founders and the second president of the UA Historical Society.

Marjorie and Peter were lifelong members the First Community Church and Marjorie is presently the longest living member. They resided most recently at First Community Village and had enjoyed 70 years of a wonderful marriage when Peter died in June, 2013.

Both Marjorie and Peter have been dedicated Golden Bears who supported the UA Education Foundation and UA Alumni Association, as well as other local charities and groups, and through their devotion to the community, have created a legacy of tradition and lasting pride in Upper Arlington, Ohio.

Read more and see photos of Dr. and Mrs. Sayers here.

Marjorie Garvin Sayers and Dr. Martin Peter Sayers will be honored during the Party in the Park festivities on Friday, July 4 at Northam Park.

DISTINGUISHED ALUMNUS: A Distinguished Alumnus is an alum who is honored for his or her personal, educational, or career achievement.

Colleen McMahon is a United States District Judge for the Southern District of New York. She was appointed to the federal bench in 1998, following a career that included two decades of law practice at the New York City law firm of Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton & Garrison, a stint as a speechwriter/special assistant to the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, and three years as a judge of the New York State Court of Claims. At Paul Weiss, a firm noted for its litigation expertise, she was the first woman litigator elected to partnership. An acknowledged leader of the New York City Bar during her years in private practice, Colleen chaired the Committees on State Courts of Superior Jurisdiction and Women in the Profession at the Association of the Bar of the City of New York and headed The Jury Project, New York's highly successful jury service reform effort.

She has served as Vice Chancellor of the Episcopal Diocese of New York and a member of the Standing Committee of the Diocese; taught courses in law at Benjamin Cardozo School of Law; been a member of the Committee on Audit and Administrative Accountability of the Judicial Conference of the United States; and presided over a number of high profile cases, including lawsuits in which the heirs of actress Marilyn Monroe and cartoonist Jack Kirby sought to reclaim rights in their work, and the infamous "Newburgh Four" FBI sting operation, which involved serious allegations of Government entrapment that were recently explored in a documentary film. She is frequently asked to speak at continuing education programs and other events.

Colleen attended The Ohio State University ('73), where she majored in International Relations, and Harvard Law School ('76). She serves on the Alumni Advisory Board for OSU's College of Arts and Sciences. For fun she sings with elite amateur choirs in the New York City area; presently she is in the Canticum Novum Singers, described recently by the New York Times music critic as "this excellent chorus." She has written two books of meditations, one for members of Vestries and other lay church governing boards, the other from the perspective of a judge.

She is married to private equity investor Frank Sica. They have three children, Katie (an elementary school art teacher, married to Shawn Pero), Patrick (who recently completed a tour as a Lieutenant in the Armored Cavalry, United States Army, during which he served in Afghanistan), and Brian (a financial services sales representative, accomplished triathlete and occasional blogger).

Colleen was nominated to the federal bench in the spring of 1998 by President William Jefferson Clinton, on the recommendation of Senator Alfonse D'Amato and with the endorsement of Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. She was confirmed by unanimous consent on October 21, 1998, and entered into duty on November 2.

Read more about Colleen McMahon here.

Colleen McMahon will be honored during the Party in the Park festivities on Friday, July 4 at Northam Park.



Tom Wheeler became the 31st Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on November 4, 2013. Chairman Wheeler was appointed by President Barack Obama and unanimously confirmed by the United States Senate.

For more than three decades, Tom has been involved with new telecommunications networks and services, experiencing the revolution in telecommunications as a policy expert, an advocate, and a businessman. As an entrepreneur, he started or helped start multiple companies offering innovative cable, wireless, and video communications services. He is the only person to be selected to both the Cable Television Hall of Fame and The Wireless Hall of Fame, a fact President Obama joked made him "The Bo Jackson of Telecom."

Prior to joining the FCC, Tom was Managing Director at Core Capital Partners, a venture capital firm investing in early stage Internet Protocol (IP)-based companies. He served as President and CEO of Shiloh Group, LLC, a strategy development and private investment company specializing in telecommunications services and co-founded SmartBrief, the internet's largest electronic information service for vertical markets. From 1976 to 1984, Tom was associated with the National Cable Television Association (NCTA), where he was President and CEO from 1979 to 1984. Following NCTA, Chairman Wheeler was CEO of several high tech companies, including the first company to offer high speed delivery of data to home computers and the first digital video satellite service. From 1992 to 2004, Tom served as President and CEO of the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association (CTIA).

Tom wrote Take Command: Leadership Lessons of the Civil War (Doubleday, 2000) and Mr. Lincoln's T-Mails: The Untold Story of How Abraham Lincoln Used the Telegraph to Win the Civil War (HarperCollins, 2006). His commentaries on current events have been published in the Washington Post, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Newsday, and other leading publications. Presidents Clinton and Bush each appointed Tom a Trustee of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, where he served for 12 years. He is also the former Chairman and President of the Foundation for the National Archives, the non-profit organization dedicated to telling the American Story through its documents, and a former board member of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).

Tom Wheeler is a proud graduate of The Ohio State University and the recipient of its Alumni Medal. He resides in Washington, D.C.

Read more about Tom Wheeler here.

Tom Wheeler will be honored during the Party in the Park festivities on Friday, July 4 at Northam Park.


Caltech Professor of Physics Jamie Bock (UAHS Class of 1983) and his collaborators announced on March 17, 2014 that they have successfully measured a B-mode polarization signal in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) using the BICEP2 telescope at the South Pole.

This signal is an important confirmation of key aspects of the theory of cosmic inflation, about how the universe may have behaved in the first fractions of a second of its existence to create the universe we live in today. Inflation was first proposed in 1980 by Alan Guth, a theoretical physicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), to explain some unusual features of our universe, especially its surprising homogeneity.

For all the clumping of stars and galaxies we see in the night sky, the universe seen through the CMB is extremely uniform—so much so that it has been difficult for physicists to believe that the various pieces of the sky were not all in immediate contact with one another at an earlier point in the universe's development.

Read more about Jamie Bock's work.


Dr. Timothy Russell, UAHS Class of 1973, has been honored with The Ohio State School of Music’s award for Distinguished Alumni.

Dr. Russell has held academic appointments at his alma mater, The Ohio State University, as well as the University of Rochester, including its Eastman School of Music. He served for nine seasons as the Music Director and Conductor of The Naples Philharmonic. In 1993 he became Professor of Music and Director of Orchestras at Arizona State University. Russell, a Danforth Foundation Fellow, is an articulate and committed advocate for the arts. He continues to be a featured speaker at music conferences and workshops.

Timothy Russell co-founded ProMusica in 1978, and is celebrating his 33rd season as the orchestra's music director. The Columbus Dispatch has written, “Timothy Russell brings an intellectual curiosity to everything that he does ... versatility and virtuosity ... Russell’s infectious enthusiasm, knack for innovation, and artistic sensibility have inspired support vital to the continued success of any artistic enterprise. Bravo!”

A versatile conductor, Dr. Russell is equally skilled conducting music for chamber orchestra, symphonic concerts, large choral productions, pops concerts, and children's programs. He has collaborated with a tremendous range of artists including the Guarneri String Quartet, Borromeo String Quartet, the Manhattan Transfer, World Saxophone Quartet, cedar flutist R. Carlos Nakai, fiddler Mark O'Connor, composer Frank Zappa, flutist Sir James Galway, pianists Gabriela Montero and Andre Watts, singer/songwriter Nanci Griffith, jazz vocalist Jane Monheit, jazz violinist Regina Carter, Irish fiddler Eileen Ivers, and banjo master Béla Fleck. He has conducted the world premiere performances of over 100 new compositions. Maestro Russell is the conductor and/or producer of 33 compact discs. His recordings have earned him critical acclaim and two Grammy nominations.

Read more about Tim Russell here.


In case you hadn't heard, the Golden Bear Boys Basketball team reached the Division I state finals for the first time since 1937. In a heartbreaking OT loss to Cleveland St. Edwards, the Bears played their hearts out before 14,000 fans at Ohio State's Value City Arena.

Under the leadership of Head Coach Tim Casey, UAHS Class of 1981, the team entertained the Upper Arlington community with some of the best basketball ever played in our school's history.

Their record setting season of 27 wins and 2 losses will be remembered for the NEXT 70 years.


The Upper Arlington Crew Team is celebrating their 20th year of rowing with the announcement of the Upper Arlington Rowing Foundation.

The UARF's mission is to assist the Upper Arlington rowing program both by providing scholarships to athletes and by assisting in capital purchases such as boats and oars. An initial fundraising goal of $5,000 has been set, with program alumni having pledged a dollar-for-dollar match up to the full $5,000, for a total of $10,000.

All donations to the UARF can be made to the Upper Arlington Education Foundation with "Rowing" in the subject line.

The Upper Arlington Crew Alumni are also initiating an effort to reach out to every alumnus of the of the program to reconnect with the team and with each other. Please email for information on how the team is doing, how to connect with old teammates, and how to get involved with the team!


Be sure to mark your calendars for Friday, September 5, when the football and cheerleading alumni will celebrate Alumni Night at the Marv Moorehead Memorial Stadium. Details to follow.

Be sure to check back on for updates and information.


This summer, Dan Crawford '07 is joining Bike & Build, a national nonprofit committed to raising money and awareness for affordable housing, to ride his bicycle across the country. He will be riding alongside his wife, who is from northeast Ohio, and a team of 30 other young adults on the Maine to Santa Barbara (ME2SB) route.

Dan excelled in the classroom as well as in athletics. He graduated from Denison University with a biochemistry degree and then worked with Teach For America in Chicago and Denver. He currently resides and works in Denver, CO.

The journey will begin on June 17, when Dan will report to Portland, ME. Over the next 10 weeks, the ME2SB team will pedal an average of 71 miles per day to Santa Barbara, CA and the Pacific Ocean, arriving August 30. Along the way, the riders will participate in volunteer build days with 13 different affordable housing organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Rebuilding Together, and small local housing nonprofits to help build affordable homes for families in need. Riders will build in Columbus and Yellow Springs, Ohio, as well as cities including Pittsfield (MA), St. Louis (MO), Tulsa (OK), and Flagstaff (AZ), among others. They will also advocate for the need for affordable homes for all Americans in the many host communities and pass-through towns along the way.

"The issue of affordable housing has become all too real for me as a teacher," notes Dan, who has taught in inner-city Chicago and Denver over the past three years, "and after getting to know the incredibly driven people being marginalized by this fundamental inequity, I have become more and more inspired to work and fight and fundraise to tackle the issue in a direct way through Bike and Build."

Read more about Dan's adventure.


Erin Moriarty '70, a longtime correspondent for CBS' 48 Hours, was the speaker for an event at the Ohio Statehouse, celebrating Ohio's statehood, on February 27. Erin cited her growing up in UA with its Midwestern values as one of the reasons for her success. She also told the story of trying to interview Woody Hayes after his firing, when he wouldn't speak to any reporter. For many days, she persisted in trying to get him to answer the door and after many attempts, he finally answered. He demanded to know why he should speak with her and she replied that she had grown up in UA, held great respect for him and that he was a role model for her. He opened his door to her, gave her a history lesson on General George Patton, and began a friendship that would last until his death.

Retired UA history teacher Bob Donaldson attended the event and met with Erin afterward. He commented that "Erin was as bubbly and charming as she was when she was an 8th grade student in my American History course at Jones Junior High, and it was wonderful to see her again."

Read more about Erin's career and see the photo of her with Bob Donaldson.


Bears' Night Out. It started with a few classmates from the Upper Arlington HS Class of 1970 connecting on Facebook. It has resulted in the rekindling of long-ago friendships and monthly gatherings at a UA pub.

Rod Ebright, one of the organizers, tells the story: "Our class always shows up in large numbers every five years for our reunion events. We have a great time, see people we haven't seen in ages, vow to stay in touch - and then another five years pass and we repeat the process. In 2010, we had yet another terrific reunion (our 40th) and in its wake, classmates seemed to increase their connections, largely through Facebook."

Rod says, "Ann Badger was a great instigator, reaching out via Facebook to 'friend' classmates. As the connections grew, it occurred to me to create a Group Page (which I cleverly titled Upper Arlington High School Class of 1970) where we could share information and exchange comments. Before long, I was being encouraged to organize a live social gathering - and Bears' Night Out (BNO) came to be."

UA '70 classmates, along with spouses and friends, have been getting together every second Thursday of the month since May. A variety of people (from the graduating class of 700+) have been coming. Because the event takes place on the same day, time, and location each month, people from out-of-town can plan their visits to Upper Arlington to join in the fun.

An interesting aspect is that most of the individuals attending didn't know one another back in high school - yet the common bonds of similar experiences and mutual friends have made for consistently lively gatherings. As Glenna Starr Krumlauf posted after a recent BNO, "What a great relaxing get together. Please come next month and don't shy away because you don't remember everyone… the memories come back before the names do!"

For more information about the UAHS Class of 1970 Bears' Night Out, visit the Facebook Group Page or email Rod Ebright.


Family Circle Magazine has listed Upper Arlington, Ohio as one of its "10 Best Towns for Families for 2013."

From the web site: "With the help of Onboard Informatics, a New York City research firm that provides real estate, demographic and other data, Family Circle initially assembled a list of 3,335 cities and towns with populations between 10,000 and 150,000. From that, nearly 1,000 localities having a high concentration of households with median incomes between $55,000 and $100,000 were selected. We then assessed which places best met our family-friendly criteria—including affordable homes, quality schools, access to health care, green space, low crime rate and financial stability—and ranked them from top to bottom."

Wendy Hinton Gomez '87 was quoted in the article, praising Upper Arlington's many family offerings and the the importance that UA traditions play in making this one of the most attractive communities in the nation.

Read the article here.

    UA RECOGNIZED ONLINE AS "ONE OF THE MOST EDUCATED PLACES IN AMERICA" has "used a broad-based approach to show increasing levels of education, from residents with a high school diploma up to those with a doctorate or professional degree. They found that many of the places on this list have underlying industries and educational resources that draw educated residents. Challenging and technical jobs tend to attract more skilled and educated workers, and having educated workers at every level of operation can help sustain a more robust and knowledgeable workforce."

Upper Arlington was listed as the only city in the midwest to rank in the Top Ten, at #8.

Read the article here.


Have you visited our Alumni Web sites page lately? Many of our alums have sent in the addresses of their personal or company sites, and we've linked to each of them. They are organized by graduation year. You know how it is: people like to do business with people they know and trust, and it's interesting and fun to look through these Web sites to find out what kinds of businesses, organizations, and hobbies our fellow UAHS grads are involved in and enjoy.

Every few months, we will feature several of these Alumni Web sites. If you would like for us to link to your Web site, please complete this form and we will add you! You could be featured next! John Byerly, Class of 1966

Cincinnati’s newest A Cappella quartet is now available for bookings. A fresh new quartet whose members have over a century of combined vocal entertainment experience, CLASSIC will perform for your corporate or private event with high-quality, family-friendly entertainment.
Sarah Lentz Buettner, Class of 2000

Honor your grandfather, grandmother, sister, brother, cousin or friend by acknowledging them as service heroes. Share their stories so they will never be forgotten, post pictures, share videos, communicate with long lost war buddies and more. is absolutely free with no cost or obligation to celebrate and immortalize American Service Heroes who have honored our country for future generations. Susan Gyuru, Class of 1993

The Center on High offers you many paths to Health and Well-Being, all under one roof. The integrative practitioners envision your holistic wellness through the empowerment of each individual to create their own path to connection and health of mind, body, and spirit.

See all our Alumni Web sites here.

Submit YOUR web site URL to us for inclusion on the Alumni Web sites page.


On our Faculty Email page of, you can find brief bios of some of our former and current UA teachers, and by clicking on their names, you can send them emails. The faculty who have submitted information for this page are hopeful that their former students will stay in touch.

Please visit this page and read about some of your favorite educators, and send them an email to catch up!

ATTENTION CURRENT AND RETIRED TEACHERS: If you are not listed on the Faculty page, please complete this form so we can add you to the Faculty Email page.


Many of our alums are already on Facebook and enjoy the social interaction of chatting and sharing photos with friends.

UAAA has a Facebook page, too, and we hope you will visit our page and "like" us so that you will receive notifications of UAAA news and upcoming events. Please make UAAA a part of your Facebook experience!

Visit the UA Alumni Association Facebook page here.

               GOLDEN BEAR BASH: SUNDAY, AUGUST 31, 2014

UAAA operates as a sub-fund of the Upper Arlington Education Foundation. The Foundation is structured to provide financial support for enrichment activities whose costs exceed the District's budget. These are not only in traditional classroom programs, but also programs in the fields of fine arts and athletics. The Upper Arlington Education Foundation Board of Trustees believes that no greater legacy can be created for future generations than a permanent fund which is designated solely for the purpose of exemplary education in our community.

Each year UAEF hosts its annual fundraiser, The Golden Bear Bash! on the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend. This year it will be held on Sunday, August 31, 2014 at Tremont Center, in the middle of Upper Arlington!

Everyone is invited to this fun, casual evening with great music, live and silent auctions, and amazing food. You'll be hearing more about the Golden Bear Bash! in the coming months, and we hope you'll join us on August 31 as we raise funds to provide grant money for our great Upper Arlington Schools!

Read more about The Golden Bear Bash! here.

Learn more about the Upper Arlington Education Foundation here.

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1950 Mollie Nelson Williams

Recollections from Mollie Nelson Williams, UAHS Class of 1950, who relates this portion of her family history in Upper Arlington:

This history goes back the the 1940's and 1950, when I graduated from Upper Arlington. My sister, Margaret Nelson Erlenbach, graduated in 1949.

Our Mother, Dr. Amalie K. Nelson, was the first woman elected to the school board, I believe. She served when O.E. Hill was Superintendent and helped Walter Heischman become Superintendent.

Mr. Heischman had been our class of '50, beloved science teacher. I remember some of my teachers thanking me for positions my Mother took at Board meetings. She insisted married teachers could teach as well as single ones and should get equal pay with the men. When she ran for the school board there were rumors that she was a "pinko" or sympathized with "Commies". Her liberal views were not always appreciated, but others said "she was ahead of her time."

A new elementary building was planned and Henderson Road School was taken in as part of Upper Arlington during her time on the Board. My first teaching job was in the Henderson Road school in 1955-56.

Mother loved riding in the Fourth of July parades in the open convertibles with a Board of Education sign on the side of the car. Her husband, Dr. George I. Nelson was equally proud of her and her accomplishments. I believe she served two terms on the Board.

She lived until 1993, and died at 98 years of age at Friendship Village in Hillard, Ohio.

1954 Judyth Heinzerling Clarkson

My life has been a busy one. After graduating HS ('54), I went on to OSU and graduated with a BS in Nursing. My nursing career lasted 40 good years. I married in 1960 to John Clarkson, a North High School grad. Our twenty eight years together brought us two great children and traveling throughout the US.

I finished my nursing career at the OSU Medical Center in 1999 and moved to Chicago to be near my sister.

I lost my husband to brain cancer in 1989. In 2007 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a great surgeon and am now 8 years cancer free. During that time I wrote a book about my cancer experience. I am proud to say it is doing well (in a limited category). The title is My Journey Down the Path of Life. If you go to my website you can read a little about me and the story:

I am looking forward to attending my 60th reunion this July.  

1997 Kate Tussing David
Murphy and the Magical Hat is an engaging story with a magical theme. When a rainy day threatens to spoil a little girl's plans to play outside, her disappointment quickly disappears when her mother shares a "magical" hat with her. This "magical" hat has the power to whisk the little girl away to any place she imagines. The REAL magic in the book lies in its message - imagination can lead children from despair to delight in a matter of a few moments. The book reminds parents of the importance of kindling their children's imaginations, particularly, when life seems bleak and boring. It is critically important that children develop resilience to life's disappointments and the book shares that poignant message with parents while delighting the child.

Kate David was born and raised in Upper Arlington, Ohio. She received her degree in Journalism from Ohio University after numerous higher education creative writing courses. She feels fortunate to make her lifelong dream of becoming an author a reality, in "Murphy and the Magical Hat." Sparked from birth of her daughter, Murphy, in New York City, Kate had spent many days imagining all the adventures she would take with her daughter and the idea for the book began.

Kate spent the majority of her career connecting businesses with charities to help those in need. She began her career as a Promotions Director and then as a successful Account Executive for Clear Channel Columbus Radio. After organizing events, as well as, serving as a marketing consultant helping local and national businesses achieve their goals; she found a niche combining the events, sales and community projects. CBS Television offered her the opportunity to become the point person for the network's groundbreaking efforts assisting several charities in Northern California. As a result, Kate worked on a variety of community campaigns benefiting worthwhile organizations including Shriners Hospital for Children, Feeding America, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and the Sacramento SPCA. The other campaign that made a noteworthy impact on her career included, Stuff the Bus, where Kate led the successful recruitment of businesses to serve as donation locations for Northern California. As a result of her work, more than 10,000 kids each year received new school supplies.

Kate currently resides in Northern California with her daughters and husband, Jeff. She spends her time caring for Murphy & McKay and working on the next book for the "Murphy and the Magical Hat" series.

1969 Terry Streng
Terry Streng, Class of 1969, was inducted into the Upper Arlington Baseball Hall of Fame on March 8, 2014. Terry Streng was Co-Captain of the 1969 Upper Arlington Baseball Team where he was named MVP and All-District Centerfielder in 1969, as well as UA Batting Champion for both 1968 and 1969.

Terry played college ball at The Ohio State University from 1970-1973 where he earned his B.S. in Education and where he received his Varsity "O" designation. After college, Terry taught Physical and Health Education in Columbus Public Schools for 35 years at both East and Northland High Schools.

He has been Head Coach of 62 varsity teams – Boys Baseball for 23 years where he earned five league titles and a record of 301-218. Boys Golf for 24 years where he earned two league titles. Girls basketball coach for 7 years where he earned two league titles, one district title and one regional finalist title, and Girls Volleyball for 8 years.

23 of his players went on to play college athletics. He was League Coach of the Year for 9 years, District Coach of the Year in 1978 (Basketball), an Asst. Coach at UA for seven years (1982, 2001-2006) and Asst. Softball Coach at UA for two years (2008-09). He was also Head Coach of the Columbus Big Katz Collegiate and Summer leagues in 2009 and Hitting Instructor for the Delaware Cows - Great Lakes Collegiate League in 2010. He is currently a hitting instructor in the Upper Arlington area.

Terry has been married to wife, Lisa, for 28 years. They have a son, Matt, a 2006 UA grad and 2010 grad of The Ohio State University and; daughter Megan, a 2009 UA grad and 2013 grad of The Ohio State University.

Terry and his son, Matt, both played basketball and baseball at UA, as well as baseball at The Ohio State University


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1970 Nancy Seibert Hess FACULTY Charles Gilbert - Asst. Principal at UAHS

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