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NOVEMBER 2, 2013, 7 - 11 pm
St. Agatha Event Center

$25 in advance    $30 at the door

UAAA Board Members Mary DeCesaro Cameron '79 and Candi Spencer '76 have volunteered to chair the 2013 Golden Bear Rock Fest, which will be held on Saturday, November 2, 2013 at the St. Agatha Event Center.

This year's event is again brought to you by our Leading Sponsor Street Sotheby's Realty, owned by Scott Street '69 and Cyndy McLane Street '69. Their daughters, Sally Street Wolfe '00 and Kiki Street Kullman '02 are realtors with the firm. Street Sotheby's Realty sponsored last year's Rock Fest, too, and we greatly appreciate their loyalty!

Other sponsors include: Steven's Catering, The Arlington Bank, Christian Laver & Associates, and Tommy's Pizza of Dublin.

Alumni who are new Life and Golden Bear members, and therefore Rock Fest sponsors include: Frank Guglielmi '69 (Golden Bear Member), Carol Cole Fallang '66 (Life Member), Mark Savoff '74 (Life Member), Terri Andrews Wiksell '84 (Life Member), Beth Wroe '73 (Life Member), and Bradley Hosler '87 (Life Member).

The 2013 Rock Fest will feature The Pat Malloy Band, whose members include Jim Hilditch '67, Jeff Johnson '67, Bill Lutz '71, Ron Hilditch '77, and Ric Boals. The lead singer is Jim's wife, Pat Malloy. Jim and Jeff were original members of the popular 60's UA garage band The Fifth Order, who were best known for their singles "Goin' Too Far" and "A Thousand Devils (Are Chasing Me), which enjoyed national release.

Food will be supplied this year Rock Fest Sponsor and Chef Steve Sims '79, of Steven's Catering. The menu includes some of Steve's specialties, including pulled pork sandwiches, grilled chicken sandwiches, house hummus with grilled pita bread, homemade macaroni & cheese, and his Taste of Ua Award-winning butterscotch "blondie" brownies, plus other delicious offerings. Please see the menu and pricing here.

The Golden Bear [Pre-Hibernation] Rock Fest if UAAA's ONLY fundraiser event, and along with membership dues, the proceeds fund the operation of the Alumni Association for the coming year.

Our alums often ask. "Why does UAAA need funding?"

IMPORTANT: Although the Alumni Association is a sub-fund of the UA Education Foundation (UAEF), UAAA is COMPLETELY SELF-SUSTAINING. We reply on membership dues and our annual fundraiser as our only methods of acquiring funds.

Maintaining and housing a secure database of more than 30,000 alums, as well as a separate database of more then 16,000 alumni email addresses, costs a great deal of money. Additionally, we provide and maintain two web sites: and, and must pay for hosting and other expenses associated with the sites. UAAA also provides assistance to reunion classes through mailing labels and address databases and prepares and distributes our newsletter, Traditions. All this costs money, and we depend on our alums to help us!


Become a NEW UAAA Life or Golden Bear Member and also become a 2013 Rock Fest Sponsor!

Here's how it works! If you become a new Life or Golden Bear Member of UAAA, you will automatically become a sponsor of this year's Rock Fest!

As a sponsor of this year's Rock Fest, your name - or your business's name, with a link to your web site - will be included in all printed materials, on the web site and on the Rock Fest web site.

To take advantage of this offer, please visit the Sponsors page and select the $250.00 Life or $500 Golden Bear Member level. This will automatically make you a 2013 Golden Bear Rock Fest Sponsor! Be sure to fill out the requested information regarding name and class year! We want to make sure that we list you properly! Thank you!!

Alums who have generously joined UAAA AND become a Rock Fest Sponsor include: Beth Wroe '73 (Life Member).


On Sunday, September 1, The Upper Arlington Education Foundation (UAEF) held its 7th annual GOLDEN BEAR BASH! at Tremont Center.

The Golden Bear Bash! began in 2007 as a casual, end-of-the-summer, Labor Day weekend gathering for UA residents and friends. The event was such a success that there was no question about making it an annual Labor Day weekend tradition.

The Upper Arlington Education Foundation provides grants to all Upper Arlington Schools to be used for educational programs and materials, the cost of which exceeds the district's budget. Profits from the Golden Bear Bash! make it possible for us to promote and encourage excellence in our schools by enabling teachers and administrators to provide their students with compelling, innovative and challenging projects that would otherwise be unattainable.

During the past seven years, UAEF has held the Bash! in several locations, including the Arlington Banquets facility, the Plumber and Pipefitters' building, and Huntington Park. This year we wanted to bring the Bash back to UA and host it in the central location of Tremont Center.

Thanks to the generosity of this year's Bash! sponsors and guests, The Upper Arlington Education Foundation raised <drumroll please!> :

$119,000.00 !!!!

Thank you to all who attended this fantastically fun event! Please plan to join us next year!



Because we respect our alums' privacy, we list names and email addresses on ONLY when they are personally submitted by the alum. We do it this way because some people prefer not to have their email address available on a public web site.

If you are not listed on your class page but wish to be, please send in your information.


If you notice that one of your classmates isn't listed, please contact that person and ask him or her to visit and personally submit his or her information. IMPORTANT: We cannot list that person's name or email address unless it is submitted personally.


If you see your name at the bottom of your class page as a "Lost Alum," even if you are listed in the email section of the page, this means that we don't have a current MAILING ADDRESS for you. Please update your information here, and we'll remove you form the Lost list right away.

If you see someone else's name on the Lost list at the bottom of each class page, and you know his or her location, please let us know, or contact that classmate and ask him or her to contact UAAA.

Our goal is to maintain the most complete and accurate database that we possibly can. We are asking for your help! And thank you to those of you who have helped us through your membership dues; your financial help allows us to provide the ongoing hosting and maintenance fees of our Web site.      

When we started in 2000, we had approximately 320 email addresses in our database; we currently have more than 13,000 alums' email addresses listed on!


We recently spoke with Melanie Circle Brown, a longtime UA resident, who has created a wonderful program for people who are interested in preserving a life story or a family history.

Circle of Life Histories is a history-writing service to help you tell your story and preserve it for future generations. They can help with research and writing of personal biographies, memoirs, family genealogies, corporate histories and more. They can even help you publish your story in a hardback or paperback book.

In a partnership with the UA Historical Society, Melanie is also collecting and posting memories of life in Upper Arlington. You can find "UA Memories" at

Do you have a UA memory to share? Melanie would love to hear from you. Email Melanie directly to have your memory included.

OPPORTUNITY: Sign up for Melanie's memoir-writing class on October 14, 21 and 28, from 7:00-9:00 p.m. at the Senior Center. The class is offered through Upper Arlington's LifeLong Learning program. Look for the Fall Activity Guide in the mail for more information.

Register online for the Memoir-Writing Class

Read an article about Circle of Life Histories in the UA News


Earlier this year in Traditions and on, we told you about the exciting and challenging adventure about to be undertaken by alum Evelyn "Evvie" Dunkel Heilbrunn ' 73 and Rick Whipple '73. These two motivated alums will undertake a journey to Mt. Everest Base Camp beginning October 6, 2013. .

Evvie and Rick have known each other since their days at Tremont Elementary. Everest Base Camp had been a dream for both friends for many, many years, although they didn't know it. Evvie was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000 and again in 2011. When she received a diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease in 2009, she gave up her dream of Everest - but only temporarily, as it turned out.

After a friend and fellow UAHS alum, Greg Hadder '73, passed away in August 2012, an amazing series of events occurred. Evvie's Everest dream reappeared and became a reality through a chance meeting with Greg's brother. When she told her UA friends about her trip, Rick asked if he could go. While Evvie thought he was kidding, he wasn't. They asked the trek leaders at Scripps Clinic in La Jolla, California, whether Rick could accompany the group, and the answer was a resounding "YES".

Evvie is raising money to fund Parkinson's research. On her blog, you can read her story, and watch videos of Evvie and Rick training for their journey.. There you'll find pictures and stories and Evvie leads up to her trip to Everest. While on their journey, a daily update will be posted on Evvie and Rick's Facebook pages.

In the July 7, 2013 issue of the Dispatch, Evvie and Rick are featured in the "Portrait of Courage" section for their upcoming climb. Below are links regarding Evvie's and Rick's adventure.

Read the Dispatch "Portraits of Courage" article here.

Read a Washington Post article about Evvie here.

Read a UA News article about Evvie here.

Please donate to Evvie's cause at, where Evvie's page is "Ain't No Mountain High Enough!"


Congratulations to the UAHS Class of 1963, who celebrated their 50-Year Reunion with a weekend of fun parties and gatherings, and highlighted their milestone reunion weekend by winning the UA Civic Association"Best Reunion Float" Award.

Two young ladies carried a banner proclaiming "We're Bearing Up Well," and a float filled with spirited classmates underscored that fact! Several of the alums walked the parade route while others rode the elaborate float, whose side panels announced that the class is "Pawing Our Way Through 50 Years of Achievement!" A life-size stuffed Golden Bear holding a flag stood watch over the Class of 1963 on their trek down Northwest Boulevard.

See photos of the Class of 1963 "Best Reunion Float" Winners here.


This past summer, Upper Arlington received accolades in the media!

Family Circle Magazine has listed Upper Arlington, Ohio as one of its "10 Best Towns for Families for 2013."

From the web site: "With the help of Onboard Informatics, a New York City research firm that provides real estate, demographic and other data, Family Circle initially assembled a list of 3,335 cities and towns with populations between 10,000 and 150,000. From that, nearly 1,000 localities having a high concentration of households with median incomes between $55,000 and $100,000 were selected. We then assessed which places best met our family-friendly criteria—including affordable homes, quality schools, access to health care, green space, low crime rate and financial stability—and ranked them from top to bottom."

Wendy Hinton Gomez '87 was quoted in the article, praising Upper Arlington's many family offerings and the the importance that UA traditions play in making this one of the most attractive communities in the nation.

Read the article here.

    UA RECOGNIZED ONLINE AS "ONE OF THE MOST EDUCATED PLACES IN AMERICA" has "used a broad-based approach to show increasing levels of education, from residents with a high school diploma up to those with a doctorate or professional degree. They found that many of the places on this list have underlying industries and educational resources that draw educated residents. Challenging and technical jobs tend to attract more skilled and educated workers, and having educated workers at every level of operation can help sustain a more robust and knowledgeable workforce."

Upper Arlington was listed as the only city in the midwest to rank in the Top Ten, at #8.

Read the article here.


The "Pride of Ohio: Upper Arlington" article on describes Upper Arlington as a community offering diverse activities for its residents, and it praises our community for its athletic achievement through the decades.

Many outstanding athletes from Upper Arlington have gone on to achieve national and international recognition and acclaim. The article mentions the original Golden Bear, Jack Nicklaus '57 (football), Jeff Backes '01, (football), Simon Fraser '01, (football), and Abby Johnston '08 (2012 Olympic Silver Medalist in Synchronized Diving).

UA Boys' Athletic Director Michael Schaefer is quoted as saying "“I think success is part of the culture and beliefs here. “Our kids believe they are going to do well. What you have to do is educate them on the process to get there. But I think that’s a huge positive, believing those goals are achievable. They come in believing it can be done, because it has been done before. They’ve seen teams do great things their whole lives. I feel strongly we have the structure in place with our off-season programs to provide our kids with opportunities to really make a run at some things.”

Read the web site article here.

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1969 Frank Guglielmi    
1966 Carole Cole Fallang


Mark T. Savoff
1973 Beth Wroe 1984 Terri Andrews Wiksell
    1987 Bradley Hosler

The Upper Arlington Historical Society and City of Upper Arlington selected former OSU Professor George Haddad (1918-2010) and James T. Miller for the UA Wall of Honor for 2013.


Dr. Haddad's three daughters, Connie Haddad Frecker (1969), Diane Haddad (1973), and Carolyn Haddad Dougherty (1975) are UAHS alumni. Two of Dr. Haddad's four grandchildren, Ben Frecker '95 and Tyler Frecker '97 are also UAHS alums. His other grandsons, Josh and Jake Dougherty, graduated from Hilliard Davidson High School in 2005 and 2008 respectively.

Professor Haddad received recognition in Canada, Europe and the United States as an accomplished pianist and teacher. In addition to his many professional accomplishments, Professor Haddad gave back to his community of choice through many activities in support of the arts. He worked with the Upper Arlington Cultural Arts Commission for several years, and received the Community Arts Award from the Upper Arlington City Council. He performed with the Upper Arlington Civic Orchestra, volunteered for the Upper Arlington Civic Association, performed at Upper Arlington High School, gave master classes and recitals through the Lifelong Learning Program and performed at a fundraiser for the James Lantz colloquium.

Moreover, the George Haddad Piano Scholarship was established at The Ohio State University, where he was a full professor/artist-in-residence and Professor Emeritus. He was inducted into both the Musicians Hall of Fame and the Senior Citizens Hall of Fame. He played with many major orchestras, won the Presidential citation for excellence in teaching at OSU, and was the first winner of the Prix-de-Canada. Professor Haddad was an alumnus of the University of Toronto, Julliard, and the Paris Conservatory.


James T. Miller, Upper Arlington's first mayor and a prominent community leader, was inducted to the Wall of Honor on May 19. The U.A. Historical society honored Miller for his leadership and significant contributions he made to the city. In 1913, he sold 840 acres of his farm (what is today known as "Old Arlington") to King and Ben Thompson. The land was eventually turned into Upper Arlington.

Miller and his family lived in a 22 room Italiante home located at the top of the hill on Riverside Drive where First Community Village now stands. The Miller home served as a gathering place for family, friends, and community activities. The home opened its doors to famous people of the times, including Annie Oakley, President Warren G. Harding, and President Woodrow Wilson. The family regularly hosted ice cream parties on the lawn and held sewing circles, local meetings, and holiday celebrations in the home. Residents growing up the 50's and 60's may remember sledding down the Miller Hill or playing in the old ice house on the property.

Miller Park and the Miller Park Branch Library are named for James T. Miller and his family and the contributions they made to the development of Upper Arlington.

Miller and his wife, Esther Everett, had eight children. James T. and Esther Miller's descendants who are alumni of Upper Arlington High School include: Esther Miller (1936); Nancy Miller Cooper (1963); Thomas Kelsey (1965); Betsy Miller (1967); Molly Kelsey Deverse (1968); Penny Noe Kelsey (1968); Jim Miller (1969); Julie Miller Smith (1969); Martha Miller Warner (1970); Jessica Evelyn Miller (1972); Carrie Deverse Schatz (1996); Jessie Deverse (2001); Bart Miller (2003); Betsy Hayes Patterson (2003); Christina Hayes (2005); and Adam Miller (2005).

Read about the Wall of Honor here.


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To send news to us:

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Have you visited our Alumni Web sites page lately? Many of our alums have sent in the addresses of their personal or company sites, and we've linked to each of them. They are organized by graduation year. You know how it is: people like to do business with people they know and trust, and it's interesting and fun to look through these Web sites to find out what kinds of businesses, organizations, and hobbies our fellow UAHS grads are involved in and enjoy.

Every few months, we will feature several of these Alumni Web sites. If you would like for us to link to your Web site, please email us your web site address and we will add you! You could be featured next!


Don Valtz '73

Benchmark Restoration Services of Ohio: When an accident happens or Mother Nature turns ugly, people in Central Ohio have been turning to BENCHMARK Restoration Services to help them rebuild with confidence.

With our years of experience in the insurance restoration industry, we can offer a complete range of contracting services. This range of services assures you of competitive pricing, prompt service and single-source accountability.

At BENCHMARK, our goal is to not only help you repair or remodel your home, but to make the process as easy and as stress free as possible. We are a full-service Restoration /Remodeling company with a wide range of experience. We can help you with all phases of Repair /Restoration or Remodeling. We work with your insurance company to streamline the process and get you back to normal as soon as possible.

Wendy Waldron '76 1812 Hitching Post Weddings: Welcome to the 1812 Hitching Post! You won’t find another place like us. The 1812 Hitching Post with its 18-room main house and 26 private acres of grounds is the only authentic antebellum plantation in the foothills of North Carolina dedicated exclusively to weddings and receptions. At the 1812 Hitching Post, we take care of practically everything you need for your ceremony and/or reception including:

Award winning photography with storybook wedding album options
DJ and sound system delivery for both ceremony and reception
Complete party planning including coordination and execution of your wedding plan so you can relax and enjoy your celebration
Christian minister to officiate your ceremony, if needed
Creative and delicious cakes from the 1812 Hitching Post bakery
Gourmet catering for the freshest and tastiest food possible
Tables, chairs, wedding arbors, linens, tent
Designer decor options including centerpieces, chair covers, and sashes
Fully trained staff – we set up and clean up so you, your family, and your friends can relax and enjoy your wedding day.

John Bannon '80

Columbus Wine Tasting with John the Wine Guy: Hi, my name is John and I am “The Wine Guy” I am a self taught wine sommelier and consultant who lives in Columbus Ohio. My background in wine stems from my love of food, wine and travel, which has taken me to countless trips to Europe (specifically France) and landed me a chance to make my livelihood from teaching others about Wine.

I used to be a Corporate “Guy” and in the late 1990?s I made good a long promise to visit friends in France and on a lark, enrolled myself in French classes and 4 years later found myself mostly fluent in French and leaving my corporate job behind to pursue travel, wine, food, friends and fun.

My goal is to become fully self employed as a wine consultant. You can hire me to: Host in home or event wine tastings, wine bartender, etc. I also dabble in home cooking and can be called upon to help you organize your kitchen, teaching how to simplify your cooking processes, and as a cook for small gatherings.

>>> See all our Alumni Web sites here.

>>> Submit YOUR web site URL to us for inclusion on the Alumni Web sites page.


As graduates of Upper Arlington High School, we share a special bond that lasts a lifetime, and it is with sad hearts that we announce the passing of the following UAHS alumni and faculty. To their families and friends we extend our sincere condolences.

1968 Mark Stull 1976 Gary Keith
1970 John Gibeaut 1976 Phil Offenbacher
1970 Michael Reedy 1975 Matthew W. Seguin
1970 Gary Wodicka 1982 Douglas Millett
1975 Julie Gareff McCandlish 1984 Cheri Hass
1976 David Hawk

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Earlier this month, John Kost '74 participated in the Rehoboth Beach DE Car Show, whose theme was "Mid-Century Glamour" and featured cars that best epitomized the "space age, modern, sleek designs" that were popular in the late '50's & early '60's.

John's automobile, a beautiful black 1959 Lincoln Continental, won not only the "Best Mid-Century Car" but also the "Best of the Big 3" (meaning Ford, G.M. & Chrylser Corp). John adds, "There was a non-stop crowd of people around the car all afternoon on Saturday - t was a blast! Plus, we made the 1,150 mile round trip without a single mechanical problem!"

Congratulations to John on these awards! See Photo


Congratulations to Andy Geistfeld '90, our Upper Arlington Schools Treasurer and CFO, on receiving the Ohio School Board Association Outstanding School Employee Award.

The Board of Education nominated Andy for the award this summer, and he was presented the award on September 25 at the Central Region Fall Conference.


2000 Bill Clark '00 married Stacy Anthony on July 27, 2013. Bill is a web developer with ICC here in Columbus, and Stacy, originally from Canton, Ohio, is a graphic designer with the Worthington Public Libraries. They live in Hilliard.

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