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Calling all classes from graduation years that end in a 2 or 7! As you are probably aware, you will be celebrating a reunion this year, and we have all of the scoop on the Web site Your classmates have been working hard to make these parties fantastic events, and your support of their efforts is greatly appreciated.

Just visit the 2012 Class Reunions page, find your class, and click "Details." Many classes also have Facebook pages and/or Web sites with additional information and registration forms. Questions? Email us!


The UAHS Class of 1980 will have a 50th birthday celebration on Saturday, June 30 at 8:00 pm at the Old Bag of Nails Pub, located at Tremont Center.

Everyone from the Class of 1980 is invited to stop by and celebrate this milestone together! See details!


As part of your reunion celebration, you are warmly invited to come to the UAAA BLOCK PARTY, our annual event under the tent behind Barrington Elementary School ... BUT you don't need to be celebrating a reunion to enjoy the Block Party, sponsored once again by John Kost '74, realtor with RE/MAX Premier Choice. This party is open to the entire community! This is John's 11th consecutive year of providing our community with the supreme after-parade party! Thank you, John!

Follow the parade down Northwest Boulevard to the big yellow and white tent, positioned right next to the school fence for your convenience, and UAAA will greet you and any guests you bring along - everyone is welcome! We'll have food, a bounce house and Luke the Juggler for the children, and this year we have a brand new attraction! John has arranged for us to have a Photo Booth, providing free group photos for the duration of the party. Gather your friends and classmates and go into the booth for some silly shots! Or stand outside and watch the fun inside on the giant monitor outside the booth. Leave the Block Party with great souvenir pictures.

As always, the UAAA Block Party is FREE (except for the food and beverages you wish to purchase!) We hope to see you there!


The UAAA Outstanding Alumnus Award is presented annually to an alumnus or group of alums who have generously dedicated time to the service of the Upper Arlington Alumni Association and its mission or to the schools and community.


This year the UAAA Board is proud to announce that the winner of the Outstanding Alumnus Award is the UAHS Class of 1962 for establishing the Class of 1962 Legacy Fund for service learning at all ages.

As the class started to work on their upcoming 50-year reunion, they were inspired by stories of classmates who have made a difference in the world. They realized that this success is a reflection of the investment in excellence that the UA Schools made in them, and fifty years later, they chose to pay forward and help support a program of great importance that has suffered major budget cuts due to decreases in federal and state funding.

This generous and visionary act has already sparked interest in other classes to make the same commitment to their alma mater as they celebrate major reunions. The Upper Arlington City Schools and the UAAA is MOST grateful to the entire class for their tremendous gift.


The UAAA Distinguished Alumnus Award is presented annually to an alumnus in recognition of his or her personal educational or career achievement.

This year we are honoring two individuals who have excelled in their personal careers and chosen life paths.


Dr. George Smoot, Class of 1962, was awarded the 2006 Nobel Prize in Physics for discovery of the blackbody form and anisotropy of the cosmic microwave background radiation. In April 1992, George Smoot made the announcement that the team he led had detected the long sought variations in the early Universe that had been observed by the COBE DMR. NASA's COBE (Cosmic Background Explorer) satellite mapped the intensity of the radiation from the early Big Bang and found variations so small they had to be the seeds on which gravity worked to grow the galaxies, clusters of galaxies, and clusters of clusters that are observed in the universe today. These variations are also relics of creation.

Professor Smoot is an author of more than 200 science papers and is also co-author (with Keay Davidson) of the popularized scientific book Wrinkles in Time (Harper, 1994) that elucidates cosmology and the COBE discovery. Another essay entitled “My Einstein Suspenders” appears in My Einstein: Essays by Twenty-four of the World's Leading Thinkers on the Man, His Work, and His Legacy (Ed. John Brockman, Pantheon, 2006).

Currently, Professor Smoot conducts research in astrophysics and observational cosmology, and is most famous for his research on the cosmic background radiation. This radiation is thought to be the relic of the intense heat of the early Big Bang. Read more about and see video of George Smoot.

Thomas Krouse, Class of 1977, is the CEO of Donato's. His career has spanned more than three decades in marketing and management in the restaurant industry. In October 2010, Tom was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of Donatos Pizza to oversee the company's 157 store restaurant business as well as Jane's Dough Foods, the Bakery Division of Donatos.

Prior to his current position, Tom was named President-Expansion Brands in September 2009 with the responsibility of Donatos franchise development and Jane's Dough Foods. In December 2003, Tom was named Chief Concept & Strategy Officer to oversee marketing and menu development, future concept innovation, and new franchise business development. He began his career at Donatos as Senior Vice President of Marketing.

Prior to joining Donatos in June 2000, Tom was Vice President of Wendy's International where he spent 12 years in various field and brand marketing positions. Before joining Wendy's, he spent his early years in the agency business working for clients such as Wendy's and McDonald's. He was partner and cofounder of Daly, Lewis & Krouse, a marketing communications firm. Read more about Tom Krouse.


Our good friends at the UA Civic Association have been working hard since the 5th of July last year to outdo their LAST 4th of July celebrations. Lead by Events Chairpersons Drew '89 and Lissa Wade, the theme of this year's parade will be "Sweet Freedom's Song," and the Grand Marshal of the Parade is Jeni Britton Bauer '92, Owner and Co-founder of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams.

Once again, the UACA will host the Party in the Park starting at 5:00 and they will be renting tables of 10 up close to the stage where you and your guests can bring your picnic dinners to enjoy the night's events. Please visit to print your table reservation form beginning June 1.


Jeni Britton Bauer, Class of 1992, will be the 2012 Grand Marshall of the UACA parade on Wednesday, July 4. Jeni is the owner and founder of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams.

Visit Jeni's Web site here and Jeni's Facebook page here.


UAHS Alumni from the past 17 years, we thought you'd like to know ...

Upper Arlington High School principal Kip Greenhill is retiring after 17 years of leadership at UAHS. Kip began teaching at Strongsville High School in 1973 upon graduation from Baldwin Wallace College. After seven years of teaching, he became Strongsville's assistant principal and then served as principal at Fremont High School for three years.

After nine years as principal at Bexley High School, he came to Upper Arlington in 1995. During his seventeen years at UAHS, Kip has effected many changes and provided our high school with innovative, cutting edge leadership.

Kip gives credit to his outstanding team of assistants, teachers, and staff for his successful tenure at UAHS. "I have been very fortunate," he said, "to have worked with such talented and skilled teachers and staff. I've had the very good fortune of having great assistants through the years, and they made my job a lot easier."

Under Kip's guidance, UAHS became one of the first high schools in the state to develop a schoolwide International Baccalaureate program. He is proud that 84% of UAHS students now take advanced placement classes and he has has worked to increase the number and quality of programs for special needs students as well. UAHS consistently receives high marks for outstanding performance.

Students at Upper Arlington High School learn within a college campus type environment, built on trust and high expectations. They are given freedom but must meet expectations. It encourages cooperation, responsibility, and maturity. Kip is proud of the school atmosphere and culture at UAHS, and credits his students with working hard to meet the expectations that allow him to treat them as adults.

Last year the Upper Arlington Education Foundation honored Kip and his wife, Katy, as Honorary Chairs of the 2011 Golden Bear Bash! in recognition of their years of service to the Upper Arlington Schools.

Kip has not made specific plans for life after UAHS, but is certain that he will stay involved in the community and remain active. " Leaving this position as principal has been a difficult decision, but it's time, and it's been the best seventeen years of my professional life, "he said.

In recent weeks, students, teachers, and community members have been honoring and celebrating Kip's retirement and have been creative in their efforts to let him know how much he is appreciated.

On May 31, the seniors wore t-shirts bearing a large "We [heart] Kip," and at the end of the school day, participated in a countdown to the end of their last day at UAHS.

If you would like to send Kip Greenhill a message about his retirement, or a special memory you have fromour years at UAHS, you can email him here.

Send Kip Greenhill an email
Read the Dispatch article about Kip Greenhill's retirement
Read the Arlingtonian article about Kip
Read UA News article about Kip Greenhill and 2012 graduation
See 2008 video of Kip Greenhill on The Today Show

The Upper Arlington Alumni Association is looking for enthusiastic, active alums who would like to help us with UAAA's activities. These activities include the 4th of July Block Party, the annual selection of Outstanding and Distinguished Alumni, the Golden Bear [Pre-Hibernation] Rock Fest, and the determination of content for the Web site.

The UAAA Board is a casual organization, and we'd love to hear from you! If YOU are interested in joining our Board, please contact us.

See our current Board members.

The Upper Arlington Alumni Association is excited to announce a brand new fundraising event for this fall!

The GOLDEN BEAR [PRE-HIBERNATION ROCK] FEST will be held on Saturday, November 10, 2012 from 7:30 - 11:30 pm at the St. Agatha Event Center at 1860 Northam Road.

Last fall, Jeff Shaw '64, a founding member of The Ravens, an extremely popular rock band that formed in the 1960's, approached UAAA with an idea. The Ravens are celebrating 50 years of playing together as a band, and offered to do a benefit event for UAAA. Excitement was high and the ideas began to flow!

The Ravens were honored as our UAAA Distinguished Alumni in 2004.

Sponsored by Street Sotheby's Realty, The UAHS Class of 1972, The Sullivan Centre, and City Kids Daycare, the Rock Fest will be a casual, fun dance party with great music from the 60's and 70's.

Schmidt's Sausage Haus will be there with their new Sausage Truck, selling their famous and delicious specialties: Bahama Mamas, brats, hot dogs, and cream puffs. We're keeping the ticket prices low, at $20 per person, and the food and beverages (beer, wine, pop, water) will be on a cash basis.

Please mark your calendars and and SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, November 10! It's a bye week for OSU, so this is the place to be!

Please stay tuned and check back at for details as we get closer to Party Night. Read more about The Ravens below!

Read more about the Rock Fest here.

If you are interested in supporting this event, please email us!

In the early Fall of 1961, an Upper Arlington High School sophomore & four juniors began "jamming" in the basement of a Brandon Road home. Just weeks later, singer-sax player Jeff Shaw '64, drummer Jimmy Davis '63, guitarists Gary Hughes '63 and Jim Grubb '63 and keyboardist Gary Bonnette began playing at teen dances and proms as The Ravens. As just one of four high school-aged rock bands in Central Ohio in that pre-Beatles," do-wop" era, the group accompanied local disc jockeys at record "hops" and played at most all area high school and church youth group dances.

The group began opening for touring rock 'n roll acts at Veteran's Memorial Auditorium and the Fairgrounds Coliseum and entertaining at fraternity parties and dances at colleges and night clubs throughout the Midwest and East. The Ravens have continued to perform at dances, wedding receptions, corporate outings and community events through the years. In 2003, The Ravens were inducted into the Columbus Nightclub Band Hall of Fame and Columbus City Council recognized the group for its musical contributions to the community. In 2004, The Ravens were honored by the Upper Arlington Alumni Association as "Distinguished Alumni of the Year."

Shaw continues to lead the group as it begins its sixth decade of musical entertainment featuring favorite hits from the late 50s, 60s and 70s plus smooth jazz and standards. Original members Jim Davis and Gary Hughes were still with the group until 2005.

During the current anniversary celebration, The Ravens will be featured in the 2012 Upper Arlington Independence Day Parade along with performances at other dances and summer events. In Spring of 1962, the band made a special appearance at the high school junior-senior prom and on July 3, 2012, The Ravens will once entertain those seniors from the UAHS Class of 1962 at their 50th reunion.

See vintage photos of the Ravens in the 1960's here.

Watch video of The Ravens performing "Hang On Sloopy"


Last year a group of Camp Akita alums gathered for three days in August to reunite and share friendship and faith through their music at the first Akita Folk Festival.

This year, the Music and Arts Festival at Akita will take place on August 24, 25 and 26 benefiting the Akita Scholarship Fund. Please plan to join in the fun!

The committee is looking for vendors who might want to set up a booth or tent on Saturday. Jewelry, wood items, any craft type items are welcome! There is no vendor set up fee; we only ask that 10% of the sales be donated to the Akita scholarship fund.

Find all the details here!


For those of you who played football or were the cheerleaders for the teams, SAVE THE DATE - FRIDAY, AUGUST 24 - when both groups will be holding their alumni nights. Details are not finalized but are coming along, so please visit the Web site to check in for updates. In the meantime, please contact the organizing groups to let them know you are interested.

If you played football and would like to receive information, please email and share your full name and graduation year.
If you cheered and would like to receive information, please email with your full name, including maiden name if applicable, and graduation year.

Every year on the Sunday night of Labor Day, the UAAA's parent organization, the UA Education Foundation, holds THE party to end the summer! The Golden Bear Bash! is a casual, fun evening of live and silent auctions, raffles, live music, dancing and dinner with the proceeds benefiting the General Unrestricted Fund at the UAEF. This year's Bash! will be held on Sunday, September 2.

Once again, the party will take over Huntington Ball Park where last year 650 guests raised in excess of $70,000 for the UAEF. From these proceeds, the Trustees have awarded grants for author visits, scientists visits, gym equipment, outdoor learning gardens, high school auditorium lighting upgrade, math calculators, technology in the classrooms, and service learning projects. All areas of the curriculum have benefited.

We hope that you will grab some friends and share in the fun. Reservations are required and you may purchase tickets online at

Exciting Bash! news just in! MATCHING CHALLENGE!!

An anonymous donor has very generously offered to match additional contributions made OVER the ticket price in honor of our
Golden Bear Bash! 2012 Honorary Chairperson, Louesa Callahan Foster '61, who served as UAEF and UAAA Executive Director for many years. Please join us in celebration as we toast Lousea's outstanding and remarkable leadership, dedication and vision and help us make this year's Bash! another Smash!

View a sideshow of photos from the Golden Bear Bash!
Visit the UAEF Web site here.
After a special UAAA membership drive, the UAHS Class of 1969 now has the most Golden Bear and Life members of any other class, with 11 Golden Bear members and 22 Life members. Thank you to everyone who has joined UAAA at all levels!
Jonathan Baker '02 Cyndy McLane Street '69
Jeff Browning '69 Jon Sinton '72
Steven Busch '72
Dr. George Smoot
Beverly D'Angelo '69 Scott Street '69
Mark Cartmille '79 Lorna Heydinger '69
Bob Crunelle '69 Keith Kettrey '74
Sarah Ross Eagleson '72 Julie May Jones '69
Chip Elliott '63 Kevin Jones '79
Patti Elam '69 Dr. Kayvan "Kevin" Keyhani '91
Carolyn Fahrbach Zadrozny '63 Debbie Leggett Carnes '69
Ann Hamilton '82 Heath Mielke '87
Susan Hayes Robenalt '72 Bill Reinhart ' 72
Joe Heyman '79 Lyn Skillman Mitchell '69
Brian Hazelbaker '69 Doug Trotter '72
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We do not restrict our Web site to dues-paying members. We enjoy making it available to EVERYONE, members or not. However, over the past few years, we have seen our number of dues-paying members decline. We need YOU! Our tax-deductible dues are modest, so it is our goal to increase membership, and we hope that we can count on you. Membership in UAAA is available at four levels:

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Have you visited our Alumni Web sites page lately? Many of our alums have sent in the addresses of their personal or company sites, and we've linked to each of them. They are organized by graduation year. You know how it is: people like to do business with people they know and trust, and it's interesting and fun to look through these Web sites to find out what kinds of businesses, organizations, and hobbies our fellow UAHS grads are involved in and enjoy.

Every few months, we will feature several of these Alumni Web sites. If you would like for us to link to your Web site, please email us your web site address and we will add you! You could be featured next!


Patti Elam '69 - Patti Elam '69

City Kids Daycare is a state-licensed full service day care facility with locations in downtown Columbus and in Hilliard.

Lance Parker '74 - Lance Parker '74

Parker Photographs has been serving the Columbus area since 1942. Lance Parker, current owner, purchased the studio from his father when he retired. Lance has owned the business for over 20 years.

Jennifer Lance '90 - Jennifer Lance '90

Eco Child’s Play (ECP) is a blog devoted to informing and discussing “Green Parenting for Non-toxic, Healthy Homes”. ECP began in 2006 as site devoted to natural toys, but we quickly realized we needed to expand our mission to include broader issues related to green family life to fully express our interests.

See all our Alumni Web sites here. Submit YOUR web site URL to us for inclusion on the Alumni Web sites page.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to place an ad on one of the pages of with a link to your web site. has a steady flow of traffic throughout the year, with the highest traffic from January through July, when alums are involved in reunion planning and are looking up classmates and searching for reunion information. Traffic also spikes when Traditions is sent out (quarterly), as the newsletter contains links that direct our alums to various pages of the web site.

Your BEAR BANNER ad at the top of a page will be viewed by thousands of people each week, as we have several hundred visitors daily. We believe that our alums value doing business with other alums, and it's one more way we can enjoy and benefit from the bond of being UA alums. The ads are priced very reasonably, with DISCOUNTS for EXISTING UAAA MEMBERS.

Please visit our Banner Ads page, where we have posted a chart showing banner ad prices according to the page on which they are displayed. Prices vary according to page traffic. Each ad will run for three months, and requests for placement will be taken on a first come, first serve basis. This is a cost-effective, productive way to share your business and web site with thousands of Upper Arlington High School alumni! While implementing your marketing strategies, you will be supporting our UA Alumni Association. We appreciate your help!

Read all about our Bear Banners Program.


Singers of all ages who enjoy choral music are needed to start the new Upper Arlington Chorus, directed by Mark Stull (UAHS '68). We welcome anyone who wants to sing in a chorus. You can be ANY AGE, and you do not need to have any particular Upper Arlington affiliation.

Rehearsals will be on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 - 9:00 PM at the Upper Arlington Senior Center in Building #2.

Please come and bring your friends so we can make beautiful music together! Questions? Please email Mark Stull or call him at 614-488-2836.


UAHS English teachers Diane Haddad '73 and Kevin Stotts are looking for students who have won or were runner-ups for the Matt McCoy award. This award is given annually in May at the Senior Honors Assembly in memory of Matt McCoy '88, and it honors excellence in the field of English and composition. Winners are selected based on their Senior Capstone Project performance.

Matt McCoy was a student who graduated in 1988, and he died in a car accident the following year. His parents created this scholarship in his memory to celebrate students' writing. At the time it was awarded to Senior Thesis projects, which evolved into the Senior Capstone Project. Next year will be the 25th year of the award.

Next year marks 25 years of presenting this award. Mr. Stotts and Ms. Haddad hope to have as many former recipients and runners-up as possible to return to UAHS in mid to late May of 2013 for a celebration.

If you were so honored, or if you know someone who was, please contact Diane Haddad or contact Kevin Stotts. Details will be available late next fall.

Read more about Matt McCoy and see the list of former Matt McCoy Award winners.


Citizens for UA Schools is an organization representing the Levy Committee for Upper Arlington Schools, and they are busy organizing the levy effort for this fall's election.

For more information about the levy, and to volunteer to help, please visit the Citizens for UA Schools' online information sources at their Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter.


Congratulations to UAHS senior Kate Eastwood, this year's winner of the Dispatch Scholar Athlete Award and a $7,500 scholarship! While at UAHS, Kate has played lacrosse and field hockey, and participated in cross country, swimming, and soccer.

Kate is a third generation Golden Bear! She is the daughter of Betsey Sipp Eastwood '84 and Steve Eastwood '83 and the granddaughter of Barbara Young Sipp '55 and Jim Sipp '55.

Finishing her senior year with a 4.27 grade point average, Kate is a National Merit Finalist, an AP Scholar with Distinction, and a member of Cum Laude Society. Kate scored s 2370 on the SAT.

Kate will be attending Duke University with a major in public policy and minors in finance and Spanish. Congratulations, Kate!

Read the May 24, 2012 Dispatch article about Kate Eastwood!


During this 50th year celebration of Hastings, the Adopt-A-Chair committee has been busy raising funds to refurbish the chairs in the Hastings Middle School auditorium. Those of you who have been in the auditorium recently understand the need for this work.

The campaign is being chaired by Amy Chope Whalen, UA '79 and Lauren Schooley Schuermann, UA '79, daughter of the late John Schooley, Hastings architect and UAHS Class of 1946 alumnus.

As the campaign to restore the existing chairs in the Hastings Middle School auditorium continues, we would like to ask you to become a permanent part of the legacy of Hastings Middle School. We hope that as an alumnus, you will take part in this transformation and consider adopting a single chair, or a group of chairs. A nameplate will be included on the back of the chair with the inscription of your choice. We believe this is a wonderful way to recognize you, your family, or your business. You may also consider memorializing a special person.

The Upper Arlington Education Foundation has agreed to match up to $10,000 for chairs purchased. Please help this campaign!

Restoration of each chair is $150. The chairs will feature a cushioned seat, and a nameplate will be included on the back of the chair with inscription of the donor's choice. If you do not feel that you can adopt an entire chair, we are extremely grateful for any contribution you can make.

Read more about the Adopt-A-Chair Campaign, see Before and After photos of the auditorium chairs, and print the Donation Form here.


Jill Henderson Knowlden, Class of 1974, has set up a Facebook page called "You know you are from Upper Arlington if ... " and you can go there to reminisce with the rest of us who grew up here and have wonderful, fun memories of our community and schools. The page has become a very popular place for alumni to reconnect and share their fondest recollections of growing up as a Golden Bear.

What special memories do you have of UA - things about it back then that made it unique, or qualities it still has that make it stand out as spectacular?

You can visit the "You Know You're from UA If ..." Facebook page here.


The Upper Arlington Civic Association, established in 1913, has planned and executed community events to bring the residents of Upper Arlington together throughout the year.

UAAA works closely with UACA with regard to the Fourth of July; UACA brings us the parade, the Party in the Park, and the fireworks, all on the 4th. They select the parade theme, the Grand Marshall, and they are the organization who plans every aspect of the well-known and much-loved Upper Arlington Fourth of July parade.

UACA has begun producing a newsletter, and we are going to provide it to you on We hope that it will be a helpful tool for all our alums who live in the area and want to be aware of details regarding UACA events, including the Easter Egg Hunt, the Memorial Day Run, the Fourth of July, Labor Neighbor Day, the Golden Bear Scare (Halloween), and the Christmas in the Park events. Print the May, 2012 newsletter here.

      CLASS NEWS: This BEARS Repeating ...

Our email/online newsletter, Traditions, is UAAA's way of connecting our alums and passing along all kinds of interesting news. We invite you to send us any news about your own life so that we can share it with other grads.

Please email your news announcement to us and include your full name, graduation year, and your announcement as you would like to have it printed. We welcome photos to accompany your story, and the pictures will be used on the Announcements page of rather than in the newsletter (we are keeping Traditions text-only for fast loading and readability even on your phone!). Remember - we love to hear about what's happening in your life, whether it is related to education, marriage, family, relocation, career accomplishments, or anything else! Thank you for helping us keep our newsletter interesting and fun with your input!    

1952 You have a reunion this summer! See Reunion Details!
1957 You have a reunion this summer! See Reunion Details!
1962 You have a reunion this summer! See Reunion Details!
1967 You have a reunion this summer! See Reunion Details!

Nancy Ivers Ferguson '69 was re-elected as Mayor of New Albany, Ohio and her term began on January 1, 2012. Congratulations to Nancy!

Nancy writes: In November I was fortunate to be reelected Mayor of New Albany for a third term, which began January 1st, 2012. I feel very honored to be a part of New Albany's growth as it has moved from village to city status.

Through the years we have received some of our best ideas and advice from the Council, staff and residents of Upper Arlington. Several of our Council members grew up in UA and several of our staff members have worked for Upper Arlington earlier in their careers. The wonderful quality of life in Upper Arlington continues to inspire us, and we remain very grateful for the assistance UA has given us.

1972 You have a reunion this summer! See Reunion Details!
1973 Dave Dunkel '73, passed away on April 15, 2012. He is survived by his wife, Dr. Tina Adamcak, son Sean, mother and father Bev and Dick Dunkel, brother Dick Dunkel (UAHS '69), cousins Evelyn (Dunkel) Heilbrunn (UAHS '73) and Jane (Dunkel) Warren (UAHS '76), and many, many friends and relatives. He will be missed.
1977 You have a reunion this summer! See Reunion Details!
1982 You have a reunion this summer! See Reunion Details!
1987 You have a reunion this summer! See Reunion Details!
1992 You have a reunion this summer! See Reunion Details!
1997 You have a reunion this summer! See Reunion Details!
2002 You have a reunion this summer! See Reunion Details!
2002 David Couling '02 is graduating from MIT with a PhD in Chemical Engineering on June 8, 2012..
2002 Zac Trotter '02 just graduated summa cum laude from The Cleveland-Marshall College of Law at the top of his class and has been hired by Jones Day Cleveland Law firm.
2005 Megan Couling '05 is graduating from The Ohio State University with a Masters degree in higher education and student affairs on June 10, 2012.
2007 You have a reunion this summer! See Reunion Details!
2007 April O'Brien '07 recently won the title of "Miss Buckeye State" and will compete in the Miss Ohio pageant on June 23 in Mansfield, Ohio. The winner of the Miss Ohio event then competes in the Miss America Pageant. See photo here.
2011 Erin O'Brien '11 recently won the title of "Miss Heart of Ohio" and will compete in the Miss Ohio pageant on June 23 in Mansfield, Ohio. The winner of the Miss Ohio event then competes in the Miss America Pageant. See photo here.

As graduates of Upper Arlington High School, we share a special bond that lasts a lifetime, and it is with sad hearts that we announce the passing of the following UAHS alumni and faculty. To their families and friends we extend our sincere condolences.

1946 Mary Nowlan Crowther 1965 Edward J. Cordts
1947 Louise Fallon Hoag 1968 Randy Brown
1947 Donn Miller 1968 Mike Reilly
1950 Mariana Gosnell 1973 Dave Dunkel
1956 Mona Tewksbury Andrews 1974 Jay Anstaett
1958 M. Dale Smith 1977 Jeffrey Haddox
1958 Steve Guthrie 1980 Russ Melnick
1963 Jeanne Carson Gable 1980 Gareth Meyrick
1963 Gary Hughes

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To update your UA Mail home address / phone number Email Joanie Dugger
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  Joanie Igel Dugger '80, Executive Director
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  Louesa Callahan Foster '61, Director Emerita
Shelle Studebaker Bean '80 Mary DeCesaro Cameron '79     Julie May Jones '69
Carolyn Casper '62 Carol Gillespie '65     Jan L. Wallace '74
John D. Kost '74 Candi Spencer '77     Bradley W. Sharp '72

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