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Just like the students who graduated from UAHS in 1979, Hastings Middle School - originally Hastings Junior High School - will spend the next year celebrating their 50th birthday! It seems hard to believe that it has been 50 years since the school opened its doors! Let's revisit its origins ...

According to the Hastings dedication program booklet, the Upper Arlington Board of Education used the Survey Division, Bureau of Educational Research of Ohio State University, for several years to assist in determining school building needs. In a survey conducted in 1953, the Survey Division recommended "that the present high school building (now Jones) be used for junior high school purposes and that new junior and senior high school facilities be provided on an ample site or sites north of Lane Avenue." Acting upon this recommendation, the new high school was built on Ridgeview Road and opened its doors in September, 1956. Just a few months prior to that opening, a resolution was passed by the school board on April 9, 1957, authorizing the purchase of 15.814 acres of land from Lillian S. Kohr as a site for the junior high school for $56,930.

In order for the school to be built, a bond issue for $2,800,000 was passed by the voters of the city on June 2, 1959. Part of the money provided by this bond issue was used for the construction of Hastings and the remainder was used for a cafeteria at Jones, four classrooms at Tremont, and an 18-classroom addition at the high school. The original square footage of the school was 107,468 square feet.

According to the dedication booklet, the costs to build Hastings were:

       General Contracts
$ 949,200
  Plumbing, Heating, & Ventilating
  Kitchen Equipment
25, 211
Total Construction Costs for Hastings
The architectural firm of Sims, Cornelius, & Schooley was employed to prepare plans for the new junior high school. Actual construction of the building was started in June of 1960 and was completed in time for the opening of school in September, 1961.

Under the supervision of general contractor Knowlton, Inc., the original facility was built with 27 classrooms, a gymnasium, an auditorium that seats 770, and a combination cafeteria, study hall, and social area. There were two art rooms, two home economics laboratories, three rooms for shop (drawing, wood, and metal,) four science labs, and rooms for instrumental and vocal music. A "modern library suitable for needs of 7th, 8th, and 9th graders" was included as part of the building.

Since that time, improvements and enhancements have taken place, but the building looks very much the same….including the auditorium. For that reason, Principal Robb Gonda is launching an Adopt-a-Chair Campaign to restore the existing chairs in the auditorium. Chaired by Amy Chope Whalen UA '79 and Lauren Schooley Schuerman UA '79 - daughter of Hastings architect John Schooley - donors may adopt one or more chairs for $150 each. The chairs will feature a cushioned seat, and a nameplate will be included on the back of the chair with inscription of the donor's choice.

See more information and the order form here.

Mr. Gonda has a committee who is planning special events for this year of celebration. When the schedule of events is complete, we will share the times and dates with you. Please join us as we congratulate and thank 50 years worth of educators, staff, administrators, school board members, directors, advisors, coaches, parents, and students for creating a school of which the community is most proud!


It may be just February, but this is the time of year when reunion committees are busy at work, planning their reunion events, making reservations, locating classmates, and sending out information. If you are in one of the classes listed below, you are having a reunion during the Fourth of July Weekend, 2011:

1946, 1951, 1956, 1961, 1966, 1971, 1976, 1981, 1986, 1991, 1996, 2001, and 2006.

You can click your graduation year to go to the Reunion page of that is set up for your class events. We are just now beginning to hear from this year's reunion coordinators, so some pages so not have much information yet ... but they will, so please continue to check back for updates.

For a full index of all the class reunions and links to individual class web sites and Facebook pages, please visit the Reunions 2011 page of

Also, whether you are having a reunion this summer or not, please make sure that your information is correct in our UAAA records! If you have moved or changed your telephone number recently, please email Joanie with those changes. If your email address has changed, please email Ellen.


John Kost, UAHS Class of 1974, has once again offered to sponsor the UAAA Block Party, to be held on Monday, July 4 right after the UA parade under the tent behind Barrington Elementary School.

John, a realtor with Re/Max Premier Choice, has very generously sponsored our UAAA Big Event for more than a decade now, and we can never think of enough ways to thank him. Through his many contributions, John has become UAAA's single largest individual donor!

Each UA reunion class will have a special table designated for their gathering after the parade, and the entire communtiy is invited. Join your neighbors as well as your seldom-seen out-of-town classmates under the tent again this year! We'll have food, entertainment, activities for the children, and lots of fun! We hope you'll join us.

John was named as our UAAA Outstanding Alumnus in 2003. His continuing generosity, superb organization, and genuine dedication to Upper Arlington and our Alumni Association make him a perennial Outstanding Alumnus! We simply could not do this without him. THANK YOU TO JOHN KOST!!!


At the eBear Marketplace page of, you can place a free ad for UA items or offer UA memorabilia for sale. It's a great place to find alums who may have a Norwester you're looking for, or to let others know that you have UA items you'd like to sell or trade.

All transactions are done between alums, and the UA Alumni Association does not participate in the communications or money transactions. We just hope to connect you with someone who can help you!

Please visit the eBear Marketplace and see everything that 's currently being offered. If you'd like to list something for sale and post a "wanted" ad for UA memorabilia, please contact us.


Have you visited our Alumni Web sites page lately? Many of our alums have sent in the addresses of their personal or company sites, and we've linked to each of them. They are organized by graduation year. You know how it is: people like to do business with people they know and trust, and it's interesting and fun to look through these Web sites to find out what kinds of businesses, organizations, and hobbies our fellow UAHS grads are involved in and enjoy.

Every couple of months, we will feature several of these Alumni Web sites. If you would like for us to link to your Web site, please email us your link and we will add you! You could be featured next!


Fred Hensley '77 New Beginnings Franchise Consulting helps people start new businesses through franchising and licensed business opportunities.
Carla Sokol Events Plus Racing organizes duathlons, triathlons, aquabikes, foot races and more in unique locations or with a little twist.
Mona Hildebrandt Reuter 88 Experience a tranquil, transformational environment that¹s both memorable and healthful at the Woodhouse Day Spas in Dublin, Ohio.
Eric Swanson, '01 Custom t-shirts and screen printing of banners, signs, stickers, vehicle graphics and promotional products.
Q. My name isn't on the email list for my class OR on the lost list. I am a UAHS alum - why am I not listed at all on


A. Your name and email address appear on ONLY if you specifically request it. Due to privacy concerns, we include only those alums who personally submit their names and emails to us.

The Lost lists are names of people for whom we have outdated postal mailing addresses. The last time UAAA attempted to send a newsletter or reunion information to those alums, it came back as undeliverable. We hope that you will look at the lost lists and if you know someone's whereabouts, or if you see your own name on your class lost list, please email us with updated contact information!

Q. Do I have to be a member of UAAA to be on my class list of


A. No, you do not need to be a member of UAAA to be on your class list, but we greatly appreciate those alums who help us out by becoming members. We offer four levels of membership, and we'll even work with you to divide your payments over a period of time. is funded SOLELY by membership dues, and we will continue to provide this Web site at no charge to our alums as long as possible. If you can help out with membership dues, we will be very grateful to you!

Q. My name and email address are on my class page, but I am also on the lost list. How can that be?
  A. It is possible to be on the email list and ALSO be on the lost list if you have moved but you have forgotten to let UAAA know your new address. Remember: the lost list refers to people for whom we have outdated US Mail addresses.
Q. I sent an email to a classmate using the link on, but it came back as undeliverable. Why?
  A. We depend on our alums to let us know when their email addresses change. We receive a huge number of updated contact information, and we update it as soon as it arrives, but sometimes people forget to inform us when their email address changes. If you spot an old, outdated email address for one of your friends, please contact that person and ask them to send us their current information. Also, please make sure that YOUR email address is current!
Q. Why do I sometimes receive two copies of Traditions at two separate email addresses?
  A. UAAA has two separate databases. One contains all the detailed information about each alumnus, and the other one is just for and contains only names, graduation years, and email addresses. We do our best to make sure that the email information for our grads is coordinated between the two databases, but occasionally an update goes to only one of us, so you may receive two emails with Traditions attached. If this happens, please email us and let us know your preferred email address, and we'll get everything straightened out for the next issue. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by sending you two copies.
Q. I am a Golden Bear member, so why am I not listed on my class page of
  A. Again, until you personally submit your name, graduation year, and email address to us to be listed on, we do not list it. We wish we had EVERY alum's email listed on our Web site, but we have to wait for them to send it in!
Q. Is it possible for you to send me a list of my classmates' home or email addresses so that I can send a mass mailing to them?
  A. We are sorry, but the UA Alumni Association will never give out personal information regarding any of our alums for marketing or sales purposes. At reunion time, we do distribute address labels to reunion coordinators, but we strongly believe in the importance of protecting our alumni's privacy, and do not give out this personal information to anyone for any other purpose.
If you have any questions about or about UAAA, please contact us!
       CLASS NEWS: This BEARS Repeating ...
1946 65 Year Reunion: See reunion plans as they develop!
1951 60 Year Reunion: See reunion plans as they develop!
1956 55 Year Reunion: See reunion plans as they develop!
1961 50 Year Reunion: See reunion plans as they develop!
1966 45 Year Reunion: See reunion plans as they develop!
1970 Roger Jones '66 and Hilary Shaw '70, were married on December 10, 2010. They dated more than 40 years ago and were reunited at Hilary's 40-year UAHS Class Reunion in July, 2010. They are both very happy, and will reside in Clintonville in 2011.
1975 Bryan Johnson, Esq: After 23+ years of practicing estate planning and probate law in downtown Columbus, Bryan finally moved his law practice back to UA. Effective December 1, 2010, his office is located at the corner of Henderson Rd and Riverside Drive at 5003 Horizons Drive, Suite 200. Tel. 614-560-4719.
1976 35 Year Reunion: See reunion plans as they develop!
1977 Mark Hohnstreiter is a fundraising consultant for non-profits nationwide, as well as a promising artist in landscaping oils. Recent shows have seen him at the Oil Painters of America National Exhibits, MASTERWORKS of New Mexico, the New Mexico Cancer Center, and numerous New Mexico galleries. See his works on Facebook.
1981 30 Year Reunion: See reunion plans as they develop!
1986 25 Year Reunion: See reunion plans as they develop!
1991 20 Year Reunion: See reunion plans as they develop!
1992 Scott Fuhr: I'm the new director of marketing for HR software company, SkillSurvey, and am also the owner of social media agency, Mouse and Pen.

1996 15 Year Reunion: See reunion plans as they develop!
2001 10 Year Reunion: See reunion plans as they develop!
2006 5 Year Reunion: See reunion plans as they develop!

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As graduates of Upper Arlington High School, we share a special bond that lasts a lifetime, and it is with sad hearts that we announce the passing of the following UAHS alumni and faculty. To their families and friends we extend our sincere condolences.

1933 Mary Alice Shaffer Reed 1970 Brian Haldi
1947 Sally Kuster Yeager 1972 Nick Kontras
1948 John Dunkel 1980 Liz Gorman
1952 Dave Tippett 1981 Elizabeth Lawrence Snider
1952 Jim Watson 1983 Beth Ann Hoover Schoenberg
1962 Robin Bishop Allen FACULTY Barbara Hardy
1965 Steve Farber FACULTY Kitty Driehorst Simpson
1969 Alice Louise McCain FACULTY Phil Wagner*
* Phil Wagner, long time Brit Lit teacher at UAHS passed away in Florida in late December. Over the Fourth of July weekend, there will be memorial service for him at the high school. Please check our Web site for plans. At this early date, details are not available but as soon as they are firm, we will share the plans with everyone.

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