JUNE, 2016
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The following classes are having reunions during the 4th of July weekend this year. Please click your class year to see your reunion page. THANK YOU to the alums who have volunteered to chair their class reunions this year!

There is a special treat in store for all alumni on Sunday, July 3 during UA Alumni Day at UAHS.

Bear Essentials, the school store at UAHS, will be open from noon to 4:00 pm. You can find great Golden Bear apparel and accessories here. Once a Golden Bear ... always a Golden Bear! And remember that Bear Essentials merchandise makes great gifts.

Come and shop the best selection of all things UA, sizes infant to adult. The store accepts cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. From the main doors on Ridgeview, the store is to the left directly down the hall.


Each year, UAAA accepts nominations from our alums for two categories of honors: Distinguished Alumnus and Outstanding Alumnus. See the names of previous UAAA Honorees.

RON JOHNSON, Class of 1961
STEVE MORGAN, Class of 1966
The Outstanding Alumnus is an alum who has generously dedicated his or her time to the service of the Upper Arlington Alumni Association and its mission.
The Distinguished Alumnus is an alum who is honored for his or her personal, educational, or career achievement.

Independence Day is a wonderful time to reflect on our Military Alums and the many ways in which they have selflessly served our country and all Americans.

If you haven't visited the Military Alums page of Bearalums.com recently, please stop by and see why we are so very proud of our Golden Bears who went on to join the Armed Forces and bravely serve our country through the decades.


We continue to receive submissions of names and information, and hope to make our list as complete as possible.

If you have served, or are currently serving in the service, please visit this page and complete the form, so that we can add your name, branch of service, and experience to this important page of our alumni web site! Thank you to all our Military Alums!


Everyone loves the Upper Arlington 4th of July parade! The UA Civic Association (UACA) works hard to ensure that every year, those who participate in or watch the parade have a fun and memorable experience.

In this year's parade, look for your friends on their class reunion floats and watch for signs for our Outstanding and Distinguished Alumni!

Beginning at 5:00 pm on the 4th of July, UACA invites everyone to gather at Northam Park for Party in the Park. You can reserve a table, or you can bring your blankets and find a place on the ground to enjoy dinner and the fireworks.

Visit the UACA.org web site


THANK YOU to all our Rock Fest sponsors and attendees who made the 2016 event a huge success!

We all enjoyed music by Temple Monkey and The Majestics, and were thrilled to have an opportunity to honor four of our outstanding former UAHS coaches: Neal Billman, Pete Corey, Dick Fryman, and Dale Hartney.

Proceeds from the Golden Bear Rock Fest enable the UA Alumni Association to continue to provide services and products to our broad base of alumni, including:

Secure housing of our database of more than 36,000 alumni names, graduation years, and contact information
Secure housing of our database of more than 16,000 alumni names and email addresses
Updating of our Bearalums.com web site
Hosting of our Bearalums.com web site and registration of our domain name
Hosting of our GoldenBearRockFest.com web site and registration of our domain name
Production and emailing of our Traditions newsletter
Printing costs associated with mailing labels for reunion classes each year
Costs associated with the Block Party (in previous years) and this year's UA Alumni Day Open House.

We're already thinking about possible honorees for the 2017 Golden Bear Rock Fest, which will be held next spring. Is there someone special (administration, faculty, staff or coaches) whom you'd like to see us celebrate? If so, please complete this online form and we will consider them!

Have you lost your Norwester yearbook? Do you wish you could look through it before your class reunion to refresh your memory about your classmates?

The Norwester yearbook has been published annually by the Upper Arlington City School District since 1923. The Upper Arlington Public Library partnered with the Upper Arlington City Schools and the Upper Arlington Alumni Association to launch the yearbook collection on October 7, 2009.

As part of the library's agreement with the schools, there will always be a ten-year delay for any yearbooks presented online. Digitization of the pages took nearly two years to complete, and is ongoing since a new volume will be added each year.

The collection is searchable by keyword or exact phrase, which makes it easy to find friends and family. In addition, most of the yearbooks after 1969 included an index near the end of the book, which can be used as a further finding aid. Browsing is also encouraged, and a navigation panel listing sections, such as sports, clubs, seniors, underclassmen, or faculty is provided for each yearbook.

The yearbooks present an invaluable picture of Upper Arlington's educational system and the community over eight decades, and each book serves as a virtual time capsule of daily life at that time. The yearbook collection is an important resource for Upper Arlington High School alumni, genealogical researchers, history buffs, and anyone interested in Central Ohio's past.

Visit the UAPL Archives to go through any Norwester from 1923 through 2005.


THE GOLDEN BEAR CENTENNIAL CLUB is a 10-year initiative that allows community members, alumni, and friends of education to make a significant gift to the Upper Arlington Education Foundation (UAEF) over the next ten years.

Upper Arlington High School's first graduation was held in 1925, so today - just ten years shy of the centennial class - is an opportune time to start planning for this important milestone and kick off a program that will commemorate 100 years of excellence.

Membership in this club begins as soon as donors fill out a 10-year pledge card for their gift to the UAEF's Unrestricted General Fund. Members will be included in all UAEF publications and on our Web site.

Since the Upper Arlington Schools were founded, an outstanding Golden Bear education has always been a priority for our community and a gift to our children. While the cost of education rises and governmental funding decreases, the UA Schools depend on donors like you to help continue this tradition.

Learn more about the Golden Bear Centennial Club and begin your membership now!


The Upper Arlington High School PTO has established a scholarship fund in retired principal Kip Greenhill's name. Each year The Kip Greenhill Scholarship Fund provides an college scholarship for a deserving UAHS graduating senior. The scholarship is awarded during the school's Senior Honors Assembly in the spring.

Kip's wife, Katy Greenhill, is offering handmade aprons for sale, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Scholarship Fund. Katy beautifully hand crafts each apron with a UA Golden Bear theme.

The aprons are available for both adults and children, and the adult aprons are available in a traditional bib style or a wraparound variety with pockets. All aprons are adjustable.

The prices for the aprons are as follows:

Bib Apron (Women)  $35
Bib Apron (Men)  $40
Wraparound  $40
Child's Bib Apron $30

Free Delivery within Upper Arlington. Shipping and Handling for orders outside UA is $8.00.

Personalization is available for an extra $10.

These aprons make FANTASTIC GIFTS! Think of the local Golden Bears and also the ones who live out of the area! Wouldn't they love to have a Golden Bear apron to wear at the grill this summer?

Please email Katy or call her at 614-286-0105 for all details.

Wrap Apron
Children's Aprons

From TeamUSA.org:

Nine rowers punched their tickets to the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games as the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Team Trials for Rowing came to a close Sunday in Sarasota, Florida. The first seven rowers on the 2016 U.S. Olympic Team were determined, as well as the first two on the 2016 U.S. Paralympic Team. An additional two boats (three athletes) who won at the trials will travel to Lucerne, Switzerland, next month to qualify the quota spot for their boats at the Games.

First off the starting line was men’s arms and shoulders single sculls, where Blake Haxton (UAHS '09) earned his first Paralympic Games berth, defeating Robbie Blevins in a time of 4:57.56. Haxton will makes his third major international appearance after placing fourth and fifth at the last two world championships. A successful able-bodied rower in high school, he lost his legs to amputation after he suffering a flesh-eating bacteria infection. He will return home to Columbus, Ohio, to take his law school finals at Ohio State University before heading to Rio.


Read the entire article.
Read article about Blake's preparation for law school finals and paralympic trials in same week.
View video of Paralympic Trials

From US Weekly Magazine: June 7, 2016
How Taylor Swift Helped Olympic Diver Abby Johnston After the London Games

While training for the London Olympics, Abby Johnston '08 listened to a lot of Taylor Swift. The music must have been motivating, because the diver nabbed a silver medal in synchronized diving with partner Kelci Bryant at the 2012 Games.

Once back to real life, however, Johnston admits it wasn’t easy to transition from Olympian to college student at Duke University.

“That fall, it was a really, really tough transition coming back from the Olympics, going back to school — all my friends had graduated, and I was graduating a year later. It was a weird vibe on campus,” the athlete, now 26, tells Us Weekly. At the time, still in a funk and approaching her 23rd birthday on November 16, Johnston just wasn’t into celebrating. Her mom, Elaine, was worried and went to visit her daughter. “She said, ‘We’re going to make this the best birthday,’” Johnston explains.

“So my mom came down, went into Walgreens and was like, ‘Is there any way I could borrow this cutout of Taylor Swift for my daughter’s birthday?’” the medical student recalls, noting that Swift had just released her 2012 album, Red.

“The manager was like, ‘Sure, that’s kind of hilarious.’ I got out of class and Taylor was standing on the side of my car. And we took her out with us! We took her to Krispy Kreme, we went to bars — everyone thought it was hilarious! They were like, ‘Can we buy Taylor a drink?’"

Since cheering Johnston up, the cutout now mostly stays in her apartment. “My complex has a pool, and Taylor looks out on the pool and people are like, ‘Taylor is in the window!’ People think it’s really funny. They love to borrow it!” Johnston says. “They’re like, ‘I have this thing, I’m doing this video thing for school, is there any way I can bring Taylor?’"

But the Olympian’s interactions with Swift aren’t limited to the cardboard cutout. Johnston sneaked in a meeting with the “Wildest Dreams” singer during a concert stop on her Red tour in Charlotte. “This kid called and pretended to be my agent and arranged a meet-and-greet with Taylor and I,” Johnston explains. “I don’t even have an agent! But he did it! So then they invited me to go backstage and meet her before."

Read the US Weekly article.


Have you visited our Bearalums.com Alumni Web sites page lately? Many of our alums have sent in the addresses of their personal or company sites, and we've linked to each of them. They are organized by graduation year. People like to do business with people they know and trust, and it's interesting and fun to look through these Web sites to find out what kinds of businesses, organizations, and hobbies our fellow UAHS grads are involved in and enjoy.


Every few months, we will feature several of these Alumni Web sites. If you would like for us to link to your Web site, please complete this form and we will add you! You could be featured next!


Debra Singer Harter '75

My theory of art has been to do it when you can and have fun. I have graphic and design degrees, and I've spent years in the real world making a living while doing art as much as life will allow. Finally time allows my focus to be on art, and worrying less about making it in the real world. So I'm having fun, and I hope it shows and that you'd like to own a little piece of it. Please enjoy bringing into your home or office an oil or acrylic painting, or an oil pastel drawing. They are meant to bring interest and pleasure to your life.
Sarah Babcock Studio
Sarah Hevelin Babock '00
I’m an adventurer at heart, a photographer by trade, and a storyteller and people watcher. I specialize in photographing the LOVE between couples. I encourage my couples to tap into their own special brand of creativity, it's even highly encouraged! This is the stuff that makes me super excited and ultimately why I became a photographer in the first place. I feel truly touched anytime someone contacts me to photograph their wedding day. It means that there is a couple out there who thinks I'm worthy of capturing the most kick ass day of their life. It's truly an honor and I feel so lucky! Plus I get to meet amazing and inspiring couples all the time.

See all our Alumni Web sites here.

Submit YOUR web site URL to us for inclusion on the Alumni Web sites page.

 CLASS NEWS: This BEARS Repeating ...

Our email/online newsletter, Traditions, is UAAA's way of connecting our alums and passing along all kinds of interesting news. We invite you to send us any news about your own life so that we can share it with other grads.

Please complete this "News Item" form. We welcome photos to accompany your story, and the pictures will be used on the Announcements page of Bearalums.com rather than in the newsletter (we are keeping Traditions text-only for fast loading and readability even on your phone!).

Remember - we love to hear about what's happening in your life, whether it is related to education, marriage, family, relocation, career accomplishments, or anything else! Thank you for helping us keep our newsletter interesting and fun with your input!    

1956 The Class of 1956 will celebrate their 60-year reunion! Check for details here.
1961 The Class of 1961 will celebrate their 55-year reunion! Check for details here.
1966 The Class of 1966 will celebrate their 50-year reunion! Check for details here.

Doug Ezell '69 retired in March from his 23-year OB/GYN medical practice in Billings, Montana.

He estimates that he delivered between 4,000 and 5,000 babies during his career. One of Ezell’s main focuses was fertility. He said that he dedicated about a third of his time toward helping families find ways to conceive.

He eventually helped to form the Mid Life Chryslers, a Billings band for which he plays piano, bass, fiddle, mandolin and harmonica and plans to continue playing. Ezell also produces the Strings and Things weekly bluegrass broadcast on Yellowstone Public Radio. Ezell is looking forward to spending more time with his two grown children and grandchildren.


Paula Isabel Geupel '70 and her husband, John, recently celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary!

They eloped in 1970 and moved to Colorado and then Alaska, where they built log homes. Eventually they moved back to Ohio, where John became vice-president of Geupel Construction Co. Paula and John then moved to Arizona in 1986. Al;though they moved back to Alaska in 1996, they kept the home in Arizona. John retired in 1991 and the couple has traveled and played golf ever since. They have one son, Abraham, and one grandson, Cole. Life has been, and is, good.

1971 The Class of 1971 will celebrate their 45-year reunion! Check for details here.

Douglas Putnam '71 was born and raised in the shadow of the Ohio Stadium and saw his first game there at age 5. He has published two novels, Team Players (2011) and Young Republican (2013), and two nonfiction works, Imaginary America (1998) and Controversies of the Sports World (1999). Doug is a graduate of Earlham College and Wisconsin Law School.

Doug's most recent publication is Stadium. In 1920, as a university and city combined forces to build a magnificent football stadium, Anna Cormany's neighbor in the village of Upper Arlington raises his voice to protest what he calls "a monument to megalomania."

To purchase a paperback copy of Stadium, please send your name, address, and $16 to Douglas Putnam, 1969 Kentwell Road, Upper Arlington OH 43221. Cash, checks made payable to Douglas Putnam, and money orders are accepted. Sorry - no credit cards.

Questions? Email Doug Putnam or call him at 614-457-2597.


After a life changing trip to Africa, Brian Trotier and his wife, Judy, decided to start a non-profit called One World United to support educational and healthcare initiatives in Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, and Kenya.

For more information go to their website: OneWorldUnited.biz.


Leslie Rouda Smith '75 is featured on the cover of the January-February, 2016 issue of Texas Realtor Magazine. She has been named Chairman of The Texas Association of Realtors (TAR).

The daughter of prominent realtor Harley E. Rouda, Leslie has had an interesting career journey in real estate herself. Leslie and her husband, Brian Smith, have two children who are also licensed realtors.

Leslie is currently a broker with Dallas-based Dave Perry-Miller and Associates, and has volunteered within the REALTOR organization for nearly 30 years, lending her service to two local associations: Collin County and Metro Tex. She is now chairman of the Texas Realtor Association and held key leadershi[p positions with the National Association of Realtors. Read the entire Texas Realtor article about Leslie.

1976 The Class of 1976 will celebrate their 40-year reunion! Check for details here.
1981 The Class of 1981 will celebrate their 35-year reunion! Check for details here.
1986 The Class of 1986 will celebrate their 30-year reunion! Check for details here.
1991 The Class of 1991 will celebrate their 25-year reunion! Check for details here.
1996 The Class of 1996 will celebrate their 20-year reunion! Check for details here.
2001 The Class of 2001 will celebrate their 15-year reunion! Check for details here.
2006 The Class of 2006 will celebrate their 10-year reunion! Check for details here.
2011 The Class of 2011 will celebrate their 5-year reunion! Check for details here.

As graduates of Upper Arlington High School, we share a special bond that lasts a lifetime, and it is with sad hearts that we announce the passing of the following UAHS alumni and faculty. To their families and friends we extend our sincere condolences.

1947 Thomas Hawk 1962 Susan Spencer Martin
1952 Kim Sears Millisor 1969 Julie Miller Smith
1957 Susan Burt Fitzgerald 1969 Michael O'Rourke
1959 William Doerr 1971 Steve Pappas
1959 Peggy McBride Fornshell 2003 Rebekah Salser Hambor
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