On July 4, 2003, the Class of 1943 planted a maple tree inside the southwest corner gates
of the Jones Middle School (formerly UAHS) football field, and dedicated it to the memory
of their deceased, but never forgotten, classmates, listed on the In Memoriam page of the program below. 

In attendance for the ceremony were: Dave Auld, President, Nelson French, Bill Siebert,
Tom Brown, Arch Robison, Pauline Arthur, Nancy Miller, Jack Shutt, Bob Wilkins,
Fred Pfening, Jo Auda Saxbe Wilkin, Bobby Sheehan, Barbara Wiltberger,
Dr. Richard (Dixie) Davis, Gordon Buck, Howard Berkle, Barbara Everett Bryant,
Jody Taylor, George McConnaughey, and Liz Stein.