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ALLEN, James
Taught English at UAHS from 1969-2000.
ANDERSON, Mona Parker
Before coming to UA in 1962, I taught one year in Parma, OH. At Hastings I taught 7th grade English throughout my career, first as a CORE teacher, and then as a House Teacher.
BEAVER, Dudley
My first year of teaching at UA High School was 1970-71. I taught in-class Driver’s Education, Physical Education and Health for 27 years and retired in (1997). I was the UA Bears football trainer ’73-‘75, was assistant boys basketball coach ’71-‘73, head baseball ’76-‘78, head softball ’88-’90, and head girls basketball coach ’77-‘97. There were many fond memories and great teams, but the most outstanding year was in 1988 when the girl’s won the Ohio High School Girls’ Basketball State Championship. Assistant coaches that year were two past Golden Bears players, Michelle LaLonde and Pat Price. Retirement has provided time to catch up on my golf and tennis games, as well as all those things I didn’t have time to do around the house. Four grandchildren keep us busy as well. As most retirees will say, “I don’t know how I had time to work,” is certainly true.
Teacher Retired 1999.
Retiring in 2008, Mr. Blevins was Director of Bands at the high school from 1980-1999. and was head marching band director until 1992. He also coached the UAHS girls' golf team from 1993-2003. Mr. Blevins currently teach in seven schools, including four elementary schools, where he starts fifth graders on wind and percussion instruments. He also helps with the sixth grade bands at Jones and Hastings and he also teaches class guitar at the high school.
I taught at UAHS from 1968 to 1997 after 4 years at Kenton Junior High in Kenton, Ohio. At UAHS I taught psychology, economics, U.S. history, U.S. government and a number of other subjects. I was also Director of Driver Education for a number of years. Since retirement, I returned to teach government for just over a semester and substituted a number of times as a guidance counselor. Currently, I am a real estate agent for Ross Realtors in Hilliard. It is always good to run into former students and to get e-mail from them.
Taught Resource Room at Barrington and Tremont Elementary Schools.
Taught 7th & 8th grade math at Jones in 71-72, earth science in 72-73, physical science through 83, all at Jones. Physical science, physics, rehab. aftercare 83-96 at UAHS.
CLARK, Ellen
From 1978-1981 I taught 6th grade at Barrington; those were great years! I "retired" to raise our two sons; after my teaching days, I wrote a grammar handbook and discovered web design, which is now my vocation.
Physics and Physical Science Teacher/ Assistant Principal at Upper Arlington HIgh School from 1992-2005. Currently serving at the district office as the Executive Director of Business Services.
I taught at Burbank (6th Gr; Phys. Ed); Windermere (4th, 5th, Library Media Specialist); Barrington (3rd, 4th, Elementary Instruction Specialist); District (Technology Teacher Leader; Director of Educational Technology). It is gratifying to see many of the students who I taught years ago during so well in their careers today --- some of them now teaching in UA.
DAVIES, Margaret Barnett (Johnson)
I taught at Tremont 1967-1972 Have taught 19 years in kindergarten and pre-kindergarten. Am now substitute teacher grades pre-k through 5th grade.

Taught American History at Jones from 1963 to 1972 and history and government at UAHS until retiring in 1990. As of May 2008, I am fully retired and spend my time reading and studying my Scottish heritage and genealogy. I have a famous relative, Rachel Carson. Her Grandfather MacLean and my G/G Grandfather, Lachlen MacLean were brothers. I married Mary Ellen Morgan (UAHS '62) and we live in UA on Wickford Road with our two male Wire Fox Terriers, James & Bert, and Rosie and Matilda, our two female Jack Russell Terriers. "God loves a Terrier" from Best in Show. We have traveled to Italy, Switzerland and France (1992), then to Hong Kong and SE Asia (1996), and Wales, Scotland and England(2003). Mary Ellen and I are board members of the Welsh Society of Central Ohio, along with Dave Shelby and Evan Jones (UA '69). We also sing in the Columbus Welsh Singing Society and many of our songs are sung in Welsh. We have twelve grandchildren between us and our first great grandson arrived June 29, 2008.

If you send an email, please identify yourself in the subject line. "UA Alum" works fine. Thank you!


UAHS, Language Arts/Journalism, 1993-current. I have taught Journalism I, II, and III-Arl, Freshman Lit and Comp, Brit Lit/Int Comp, Bible as Lit, and American Studies Adjusted. I served as the Arlingtonian adviser for six years (1993-1999). I have fond memories of working late and having fun with the students on Late Layout Nights as well as traveling to National Conventions and other Arlingtonian events. I also had the distinct pleasure of seeing so many talented students receive scores of awards from various journalism associations. It was a true honor to see three different staffs earn the National Pacemaker award, the "Pulitzer Prize of High School Journalism."

When my wife and I desired to start a family, I made the hard decision to resign from the newsmagazine. We went to China to adopt a little girl and received what the Chinese call "double happiness." I carried Leah Xia home in my arms and my wife carried Lauren Renae in her womb! I have continued to teach Language Arts, largely to the freshmen since they are my passion. For the past several years, I have also served as the Freshman Literature and Composition Grade Level Coordinator.

Taught Latin, Mythology, Etymology, 10th & 12th grade English at UAHS from 1968-1998. In addition to the above courses, I was Director of Student Activities for about 8 years (from about 1978-1986). Like many others, I also became interested in technology and its application to the curriculum. I continue to work with instructional technology in a variety of ways and in different areas, and I am taking coursework in information/instructional tech also. I am still the announcer for many of the Golden Bear athletic teams and for some of the district, regional, and state tournaments held each year by the Ohio High School Athletic Association. To all of my former students, best wishes, and thank you for contributing to my many wonderful memories of UAHS.
I have been a teacher in Upper Arlington since 1978; I currently am the E.I.S. teacher at Greensview Elementary School.
EVANS, David C.
With almost 36 years of experience, I retired from public school teaching in June 2002. While with Upper Arlington City Schools, I taught at Burbank Elementary School, Barrington Elementary School, and Jones Middle School and was the UA Schools District Coordinator for the 8th Grade Washington, DC Trip. I am currently working with Graduate students in the Bachelor's Plus Program at the Columbus Center of Ashland University. I always enjoy hearing from former students.
GRANT, William M.
Taught American History and Government at UAHS from 1961-65 and entered the world of college textbooks from 1965-1995. Now retired, I am sataying busy with trips to various historial areas in the USA (favorite is Williamsburg, VA) and the American West. This travel is complimented by trips to Wales, Scotland, England, Paris, Munich, and related areas associated with WWII. From time to time I do take advantage of course at Ohio State viz "Program 60." And, naturally, my exercise program at the McConnell Center. Most recent "honor" was being acknowledged by Tom Wheeler (UA-62 ?) in his latest book. I am thankful for the Internet, as this has enabled any number of former UA students to locate and communicate with "Mr. G." anyone who has S-gauge American Flyer train sets, locomotives, cars, etc. seeking a "good home," please contact me.
After teaching art for 14 years, I moved to the Language Arts Department. I am now teaching 12th grade Humanities and loving it!
HALE, Margie
I taught French at UAHS from 1963 to 1971, then moved to Oklahoma, then Texas where I continued to teach French until I retired in 1997. I now live in Naples, Florida.
UAHS, Language Arts/Journalism, 1999-current. Adviser of the Arlingtonian newsmagazine and the Norwester yearbook.
I taught history and government at Upper Arlington High School from 1971 to 1974, after which I attended law school in Washington, D.C. I was admitted to the New Hampshire bar in 1977 and spent my first year after graduating from law school as the law clerk for the Chief Justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court. I then entered private practice in Manchester, NH, where I still work today. My practice involves representing automobile, truck and motorcycle dealers in franchise disputes, including litigation, with the manufacturers.
I taught kindergarten at Burbank Elementary School for five years before it closed. I then began teaching second grade at Greensview Elementary School. I retired from teaching after 31 years. I am now enjoying spending time with my husband, taking our dog Miss Maggie Rose for long walks, and of course, reading, reading, reading! I would love to hear from former students!
I teach seventh grade life science at Jones Middle School in the informal program. Have been teaching for 11 years and the past six at Jones.
Subject and school: English--Hastings; English and Journalism---UAHS. I have great memories of my teaching years in UA---great students and great Colleagues! I left in 1982, raised three wonderful children, and currently have my own photo and video business in Columbus.
I taught 23 years, 18 at my beloved Tremont, and also Jones and Hastings. I also coached football and track. I am presently beginning my thirty- fourth year of teaching/coaching with the Columbus City Schools (Dupes understands, HA!). Truly a Renaissance experience, proud and greatly challenged to work in the inner city (Dig, Cleveland and Chittenden or Parsons Ave.). It's all good. Ive been a first year teacher twice. Wonderful Ooh Ahh memories, particularly being involved in the Whole Language revolution at UA, and certainly coaching football and track. Passion is powerful. Love to all my people! John Kingsboro (aka "White Peace")
LIESER, Marcia
I taught from 1980-2000 at UAHS, Jones and Barrington as an Intervention Specialist in a small group setting and did collaboration in Algebra and Gateway. Am enjoying spending time with my family and pursuing my hobbies.
Taught Health at Jones Middle School from 1972-74.
MIELY, Molly
Language Arts & Reading at Jones Middle School.
I taught Language Arts, Speech, and Journalism at the high school from 1979-2004, when I retired. After a year of traveling and relaxing, I returned to UA as a part-time writing intervention specialist, a position I really like. Leaves me lots of time to meet friends for lunch, work out, or just kick back and read--No papers to grade, either!. In 1997, Randy Pfeiffer (also a UA teacher) and I got married, so I now have two wonderful step-daughters, along with an adorable Sheltie puppette and a six-month old Maine Coon kitty. Several years ago Randy and I bought a summer place on Pelee Island on Lake Erie. We have all the necessities of life: killer sunsets, a winery and vineyards next door, a kickass garden, our own beach, and a famous author down the road--Margaret Atwood! (I still have heart palpitations when we talk.) Randy and I live in German Village most of the time but escape to serenity during the summers. For those of you who knew Randy, he retired in 2000 from the high school (Language Arts and track coach) and now works part-time for the New Albany Schools as assessment coordinator. In retirement, he started making jewerly out of the sea glass that washes up on our beach on Pelee, and he is now in three galleries. The guy is still obsessed with music, and our CD collection is forever burgeoning. Last summer he wrote and recorded a reggae tune under the name R, Mon and the Peleebians. You can hear it in the bars on Pelee. Just think of us as two baby boomers with arrested development. We are having lots o' fun! We would love to hear from any of you out there.
I taught English from 1972-96. I taught English 9, Brit Lit, Brit Lit Honors, Brit Lit Adjusted, American Lit, 20th Century Novel, 20th Century Poetry, 20th Century Short Story, Etymology, Reading for Profit and Pleasure. I also coached the In The Know team and the Academic Decathlon team. I retired in 1996 and spent 5 years as a toy rep for a number of major manufacturers, but missed teaching. In 2001, I picked it back up at Columbus State Community College where I have taught Composition 101, Composition 111, Business Grammar 101. I have a cottage at Buckeye Lake, a condo in Columbus and a winter getaway in Tucson AZ. Life is very good. Would be delighted to hear from former students.
NICHOLS, Patricia

Taught first and second grades at Wickliffe Elementary School


Taught PE/AD at Windermere, Wickliffe, Tremont and UAHS.


I started teaching health and physical education at Hastings Junior High (now Middle School) in 1966. In 1971, I moved to the high school where I was in charge of the sophomore attendance and taught health and physical education. I continued as the Director of Attendance until 1987, when I taught health and physical education full-time. I retired from teaching in 1998. In addition to teaching in the Upper Arlington system for 32 years, I coached football at Hastings and the high school for all of those 32 years. I also coached basketball, baseball, track and wrestling at Hastings. At Upper Arlington High School, in addition to coaching football, I was the head wrestling coach, and an assistant varsity baseball coach from 1989-1996. We were AAA state runners-up in 1989 and the AAA state baseball champions in 1990. I have returned to the high school as a building sub where I have had many second generation students in class. In the summer, I am assisting my son Todd (1991) coach the American Legion baseball team.

In January,2015, I was inducted into the second class of The Upper Arlington High School Baseball Hall Of Fame. I still work with the high school baseball team. I am no longer substitute teaching.

I began teaching at Hastings Middle School after graduating from Bowling Green State University in 1969. During my tenure in the Upper Arlington School System I coached basketball and softball for 16 years, volleyball for 6, was the GAA advisor for 16 years, and cheerleading advisor for a year. In addition to coaching/teaching I was nominated for Who's Who Among America's Teachers in 1996 and 1997. The best part of my teaching experience was seeing the students excel both academically and physically and watching them grow into young adults that we could all be proud of. It's a pleasure to be involved with those who will become fellow alums. I wouldn't have traded my teaching experiences for any other profession, and it was a sincere pleasure to be involved with the best school system in the United States. We all should be proud of the accomplishments of those who followed us as graduates of Upper Arlington.    
RICHMOND, Elizabeth
I taught at UAHS from 1965 to 1988, and I would be curious about the futures of former students.
SACCO, Thomas
I taught French and Spanish from 1967-1973 at the junior highs and the high school. Spent the next 25 years working around the world (Japan, Brazil, Kuwait, France, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia) facilitating corporate training seminars in cross-cultural understanding.. Presently working for American Airlines in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.
Business Education
Dave Shelby worked in the UA School system from 1953-1984. From 1969-1972, he was principal of Jones Junior High School and then from 1972-1984, he served as principal of the high school. Now retired, Dave is active in the community and also serves as a Trustee of the Upper Arlington Education Foundation.
I retired from UA Schools in 2003 after 36 years in education. I spent 27 of those years teaching Spanish, first at UAHS and then (after my kids were born) at Jones and Hastings. I spent the last nine years of my career as the Jones Assistant Principal --a job I thoroughly enjoyed, but not as much as teaching. As a retiree, I am enjoying spending time with our two grandchildren , My husband and I have done some traveling, too. I also volunteer with the Olentangy Schools (I've lived in Powell for many years) as a Spanish translator for parent-teacher conferences, IEPs and registration with families of limited English proficiency. It keeps my Spanish skills sharp, helps the teachers and keeps me in the school environment, which I love. It's a very rewarding experience.
SMITH, Kathy (Seall)

Taught sixth and eighth grade science at Hastings from 1967-1997.

I taught self-contained 6th grade elementary school at Barrington from 1979-83. I taught at Jones Middle School starting with 7th/8th grade math classes, then 7th/8th math/science classes; and, finally 8th grade science classes. My wife, Susan, and I pioneered the Lake Erie Trip and had approximately 420 students attend this trip. I am now an electrical contractor with my own business.
SNYDER, Susan Leach
I taught Earth Science at Hastings Junior High School 1975-1980 and Life, Physical, and mostly Earth Science at Jones Junior High/Middle School 1980-2000. I am presently writing middle school science textbooks for Glencoe/McGraw Hill Publishing Company. I'd love to hear from my former students.
I taught Industrial Arts, coached both Basketball and Golf, and was a Counselor/College Counselor at UAHS from 1961 until 1992. You, the "Golden Bear" students (now alumni), made it a great place to be each and every day! I still bleed "Black and Gold!" Thanks for all the great memories!

As of 2012, I am finishing my 38th year of teaching, my 26th at UAHS. I have taught most of the courses we have offered, my favorites being AP American Studies with the late Marie Blake as well as Freshman Literature and Composition. In 2008, I began the Poetry Out Loud competition at UAHS, and each year we have greater interest among the students. In 2010, To Kill a Mockingbird celebrated its 50th year since publication. Dr. Susan Yutzey, Library Media Specialist, and I coordinated a three-day celebration culminating with Mary McDonagh Murphy who presented snippets from her documentary, "Hey, Boo: Harper Lee & To Kill a Mockingbird."

Diane Haddad and I will start looking in earnest this summer (2012) for students who won or were runner-ups for the Matt McCoy award. Next year will be the 25th for presenting this honor. We hope to have as many who can to come back in mid to late May, 2013, for a celebration. If you were so honored, or know someone who was, please have her or him contact Ms. Haddad or me. We will have details late next fall.

And, yes, I still show "that scene" from Teachers on the last day of school.

I taught Industrial Arts, Driver's Education & DCT at Hastings, Jones & UAHS from 1963 - 1993.
I taught at Hastings from 1965-1997. I taught Core for several years, English for 7, World History for 1 and 8th grade American History for 25 years. I am retired, but I substitute teach in the Arlington schools.
ZADROZNY, Carolyn Fahrbach
I graduated from UAHS in'63, went to Ohio State, and then spent the next thirty years from 1967-97 teaching at Barrington Elementary. I taught grades one through five and loved every minute of it. I'd love to hear from "old" friends, teachers, and students.
I have been in charge of technology and the computer lab at Tremont Elementary from 1986-2000.
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